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Network Operators

Providing the Tools for Meeting Your Next Generation Network Demands

Network customers everywhere demand access to data everywhere they go, necessitating more data throughput and clear channels. Coherent optical technologies are pushing the boundaries into 100G and beyond and new tools for interference hunting are making it easier to find and neutralize unwanted signals.

Tektronix delivers innovative, precise and easy-to-operate test, measurement and monitoring solutions that solve problems, unlock insights and drive discovery:

  • Signal generation and signal analysis capabilities that you need to quickly develop and test the complex RF environment to validate your network
  • Wide- and ultra-wide bandwidth technology, supporting next generation 5G and cellular backhaul needs, that perform RF modulation measurements with unprecedented margins of error
  • Find RF interference faster with real-time results and high-quality features like DPX that make exposing transient and co-channel inference easier
  • Video test tools that provide support for multiple standards and formats from ingest to transmission with the deepest in-depth generation and analysis video test capabilities for digitally uncompressed/compressed video
Network Operators