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Temple University Case Study

A Space for Innovation

5 Series Oscilloscopes at Temple University 

Investing in education is the key to the future of innovation. Tektronix is committed to helping university engineering programs around the world give their students and faculty the tools they need to own the future.

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The Customer Challenge

Temple University's engineering program was growing quickly, and its students had a lot of hands-on homework to do but limited access to the tools and equipment they needed. Temple decided to upgrade their engineering lab and invest in a large, open engineering space where students from a variety of disciplines could work on their projects, but they needed help outfitting their spaces with the latest test instruments and technology.

The Solution

Educators at the university teamed up with our distribution partner and account manager to determine which test and measurement equipment would be the most helpful for their students. After working to understand the university’s top priorities, the team put together an efficient, cost-effective solution that included hardware, software, and service for a complete bench. The goal was to give students both the tools they needed for any project and the experience they needed to have an advantage over other engineering graduates entering the workforce.

From mixed domain and mixed signal oscilloscopes to arbitrary function generators and digital multimeters, the engineering students at Temple University now have a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge technology in both their engineering lab and their maker space.

To learn more about the partnership with Temple University, watch the video.

Having the latest technology allows us to give our students the best possible advantage when they graduate and hit the real world.

Temple University Engineering Professor Julie Drzymalski

Students really need hands-on education … We do that in our labs, but unfortunately those are locked after the scheduled lab times. It's important to give our students access to the equipment outside of lab time, and that's what this space gives us.

Temple University Engineering Professor Cory Budischak

It's important to have the latest technology because engineering is always growing. The whole point is that it never gets outdated. If we're up to the latest standard then we can better ourselves when we get into the actual field.

Temple University Mechanical Engineering Student James Kull

Products, Software, and Services Provided

Maker Space Configuration

Hardware Quantity
Tektronix 5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope - 1 GHz 3
Tektronix 3 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscope with 350 MHz Bandwidth Upgrade 6
Keithley DMM6500 6½-digit Benchtop Touchscreen Digital Multimeter 9
Keithley 2230G Series Programmable Power Supply 9
Software Quantity
KickStart Instrument Control Software for Digital Multimeters 9
Function Generator Upgrade for 3 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes 6
Function Generator Upgrade for 5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes 3
Service Quantity
5-year Total Protection Plan for Digital Multimeters 9
5-year Total Protection Plan for 3 Series Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes 6
5-year Total Protection Plan for 5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes 3

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