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Education and Advanced Research

Tektronix is committed to advancing technology and learning in the classroom and the lab. Both represent the future and Tektronix is here to support you.


  • We strive to provide educators and students with the solutions and technical resources to increase your knowledge. As an industry leader we feel it is our responsibility to put as much information as possible at your fingertips, and provide hands-on instrument opportunities so you’re prepared for your career. If you learn with the best, you’ll be the best.

Advanced Labs

  • Tektronix understands how hard those of you in research and advanced labs are working to expand the envelope and make the world a better place for everyone. Our goal is to provide you with up-to-date, flexible solutions that can keep up with you.
Vector Network Analyzer Fundamentals
Poster that shows types of measurement errors, Basic VNA operation, Smith chart basics, Common S-parameter names, VNA calibration methods and more.
Nano Satellite Case Study
Learn how the RSA5000B spectrum analyzer is being used to test the design of nano satellites and their ability to communicate with a base station.
Introduction to Vector Network Analyzers Basics
Vector Network Analyzer Overview Today, the term “network analyzer”, is used to describe tools for a variety of “networks” (Figure 1). For instance, most people today …
Performance, size, reliability, affordability. Choose four. White Paper.
The TTR500A Series VNA includes an impressive array of technological and patented advances that allow it to bend many of the traditional trade-offs between RF performance, size, reliability, and cost …
Software for the Education Lab
Tektronix offers a range of efficient and intuitive remote education solutions that combine with our oscilloscopes, DMMs, data acquisition systems, or other tools to help students put engineering …