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Third-Party RF Solution Partners

The following third-party applications are advertised as compatible with Tektronix RSA spectrum analyzers.

Company Name Applications

Decodio AG


Software for fixed, mobile, remote spectrum monitoring; digital protocol analysis for public safety and critical radio TETRA, Tetrapol, DMR, and PMR; IQ recording and statistical analysis; drive test coverage mapping; bit error rate (BER) and message erasure rate (MER) plotting; maritime AIS and ATIS position mapping and decoding; automated radiolocation and direction-finding signals of interest using TDOA, AOA, or hybrid, etc.

Kestrel TSCM


Software for fixed, mobile, remote spectrum surveillance and monitoring (RSSM), professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM).

SpectrumVu by Erisys


Software for fixed, mobile, remote spectrum monitoring of 1 to n sensor nodes, providing customizable spectrum security and autonomous 24x7 monitoring capability in local and remote applications – both indoors and outdoors; weather and EM-tight enclosure and processor integration, IQ record and playback; custom software development

SCEPTRE by 3dB Labs


Linux-based ISR collection software suite that can act alone or as a network of receivers to perform rapid signal ID, tip, and cue, c-uas, and geolocation. It can be integrated with multiple simultaneous different receivers on stationary or mobile collection platforms, and provides real-time analysis of COMINT, FISINT, and ELINT signals. It performs real time bit breakout, data streaming out, antenna position control, pulse descriptor word creation, and IQ record and playback.

Krypto1000 by COMINT Consulting


COMINT and SIGINT software suites for analysis, demodulation, classification, traffic and nodal analysis, automatic network diagramming, decoding, parsing and radio fingerprinting. Manpack, remote, clandestine, unattended, UAV, UAS, UUV, UGV. They support the latest hybrid modems, vocoders, digital mobile radio (DMR), Trunk Mobile Radio (TMR), satellite modems, and boast having nearly 100 more decoders than their closest competitor

TRX Systems’ NEON Signal Mapper


Software and tracking units used in combination with Tektronix spectrum analyzers for enabling spectrum surveying, 2D and 3D mapping, locating and geo-referencing users in areas where GPS is not available, such as indoors. Deployed with only a small, wearable accessory and an Android device, NEON Signal Mapper is ideal for professionals who conduct in-building testing of public safety and commercial networks.



Software for spectrum monitoring, spectrum management, TSCM and searching for clandestine or illegal radio frequency signal sources, performing measurements of electromagnetic signal parameters, digital signal analysis and display and development of advanced radio control interfaces.

NoiseKen EMC Imaging System


EPS is an EMC/EMI debugging tool enabling designers to rapidly perform pre-measurement, failure point identification, and improvement efficiency confirmation in EMC/EMI countermeasure process of product design.
How does it work? The software detects locations of probes by color discrimination through camera’s image sensors*, real time analysis measured signal frequency, shows a heat map by overlapping electromagnetic fi eld strength and real images of measured objects.

Detectus EMC Scanner by Pendulum Instruments


Pre-compliance EMC scanning software and hardware system enables high resolution near-field 3D analysis during R&D and Q&A to catch compliance failures early before they become costly to fix and to help design more robust products.

Aprel’s EM-ISight


Software and hardware solutions for evaluating the near-field of a given device, EM-ISight can help to identify the source of problems and our far-field approximation software feature compliments existing test methods. Additional modules like the USA enhance the ability to evaluate both emission and susceptibility.

RadiMation EMC Software


Software and hardware suite optimized for automated pre-compliance EMC testing for conducted and radiated emissions, and immunity testing. Instead of automating one single EMC test, RadiMation allows the user to perform complete EUT (equipment under test) testing.

MaxEye Technologies


Software solutions for generating and analyzing various wireless protocols including digital audio broadcasting signals (DAB/DAB+/DMB), digital video broadcasting – terrestrial signals (DVB-T/DVB-T2), DVB-Satellite/Cable (DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C), ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-SUN, and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) protocols.

Dabin Systems


Software and hardware solutions for RF and baseband signal processing applications including a counter drone system, 5G cellular base station T&M equipment and various solutions for cellular base stations O&M activity. Dabin’s Ostrich RF Sensor solution is a counter-UAV system that determines the presence of UAVs by detecting RF signals transmitted and received between UAVs and controllers.

Mebius FMCW


Optimized FMCW software on a PC controlling a wideband oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer and high frequency (mmWave) downconverter for evaluating automobile collision prevention FMCW radar at millimeter waves. It analyzes the data to find and display various parameters such as the time length, frequency width, frequency change rate, and frequency error of the chirp signal.


The following third-party hardware accessories are recommended for use with Tektronix RSA spectrum analyzers.

Company Name Applications

Alaris Antennas


Designs, manufactures, and distributes antenna products for the global defense, homeland security and specialized antenna market sectors. Their clients are mostly international Electronic Warfare (EW) system houses, but also include semi- and governmental organizations. In partnership with Tektronix, Alaris designed and produces the Alaris direction finding antenna (DF-A0047) for use in interference hunting applications with Tektronix USB spectrum analyzers and SignalVu-PC mapping application software.

Com-Power Corp


Leading manufacturer of test and measurement instrumentation for electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC), offering a large selection of EMC test equipment as a reasonable price. Com-Power’s antennas (EMI-BICON-ANT and EMI-CLP-ANT), preamp (EMI-PREAMP), transient limiter (EMI-TRANS-LIMIT), and antenna tripod (EMI-TRIPOD) are recommended by Tektronix for EMI/EMC test applications. Tektronix’ SignalVu-PC EMCVu software application has the gains, losses, and antenna factors conveniently pre-defined to limit the need and save time characterizing accessories during emissions testing.



Develops and manufactures products for affordable EMC testing, environmental monitoring, agricultural yield applications and other niche applications.

Tekbox’s near-field probe kit (EMI-NF-PROBE), near-field amplifier (EMI-NF-AMP) and LISNs (EMI-LISN50UH-XX and EMI-LISN5UH) are recommended by Tektronix for EMI/EMC test applications. Tektronix’ EMCVu software has the gains and losses conveniently pre-defined, reducing the need for characterizing accessories during emissions testing.

Spinner GmbH


Leading global engineering company and manufacturer of high-quality radio-frequency components for various industries and applications. Spinner’s line of compact and high precision calibration kits are recommended for SOLT calibration of TTR500, RSA500, and RSA600 instruments. See TTR500 datasheet for ordering information.