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User Friendly Android Apps Provide Engineers with Basic tools for Remote Monitoring, Offline Analysis and Event Notification

In today's world, engineers are often tasked with multiple projects and no longer have the luxury to sit at the engineering bench all day. These first applications point the way to a full set of apps that will help engineers and technicians stay productive while on the road, during meetings or waiting in line at the supermarket. We see significant opportunities with mobility to help our customers improve their day-to-day productivity.


Tektronix Oscillo Connect:

Once paired to an oscilloscope through the Web, this app can be used to remotely monitor waveforms and measurements from a smartphone. Channels and measurements can be individually specified along with controls such as Run/Stop and Single. Additionally, waveform position and scaling can be done locally on the smartphone, independent of the oscilloscope.


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Tektronix Oscillo Analyzer:

To help engineers boost productivity while away from their workstation or on the go, the Analyzer application allows users to view Tektronix supported .CSV waveform files and run measurements on the loaded waveform. Once the .CSV files are loaded onto an Android device's memory card, the waveforms can viewed at the user's convenience using scroll and zoom functions. Maximum record length supported is 100K.


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Tektronix Oscillo Triggevent:

For certain applications that involve long duration tests, engineers no longer need to wait or periodically check the status on their oscilloscope. Instead, the Triggevent application allows the user to receive notification directly on their Android device of a pre-defined event, such as a fault condition, or if a measurement exceeds bounds.


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