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H500/SA2500 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

This product is no longer sold by Tektronix. Please see our latest spectrum analyzers.

H500/SA2500 Handheld Spectrum Analyzer



DPX® Live RF Spectrum Display Discover events as short as 125 µs with 100% Probability of Intercept (POI).
DPX Spectrum Mask Capture and act on signals of interest easily with the automatic and editable spectrum mask.
Built-in Mapping Populate measurement results from signals of interest on a map with the built-in GPS receiver and automated GPS mapping functionality.  Easily and simply triangulate on the location of interferers.
Signal Classification and Open Signal Database Use the provided signal database to quickly identify known signals from unknown signals.  Open database structure allows you to easily add new signal types as needed.
Built-in Versatile Field Measurements Quickly measure common field test parameters such as Spectrum, Spectrogram, Field Strength, Signal Strength, Channel Power, OBW, Audio Demodulation, and more.
Tools to Automate Common Tasks Automate common tasks like receiver emulation for field use with the macros and programmatic interface.
Rugged Design for Field Use Use in demanding field environments with the rugged design that is compliant with MIL-PRF-28800F.
Extended Battery Life Test up to 5 hours with the extended battery life and industry's only hot swap power system.
Remote Measurements for Multiple Instruments Monitor multiple locations by connecting more than one unit via LAN interface; Ideal for remote control and unattended monitoring stations for spectrum awareness.