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Logic Analyzer Probe

Verification and debug of today's high speed, low voltage digital signals requires probing solutions that can accurately acquire from a wide variety of electronic designs and protect signal fidelity. Tektronix logic analyzer probes contain a variety of connectivity options that are engineered to ensure that signal acquisition is a true reflection of your design's performance. Compare and learn more about Tektronix logic analyzer probe solutions.

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Base Price
US $1,480 - US $5,180
Logic Analyzer Probe
Model Connectivity Instrument Series List Price
P5910 Fits both 0.100 in. and 2 mm square pin configurations TLA6400 US $1,480
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4 Series MSO Fully Compatible
5 Series MSO Fully Compatible
5 Series MSO Low Profile Fully Compatible
6 Series MSO Fully Compatible
6 Series B MSO Fully Compatible
FlexChannel (TM) input 4/5/6 Series MSO US $2,080
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P5960 D-Max® probing technology compression cLGA TLA6400 US $5,180
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