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Digital Pattern Generators

Digital Pattern Generators

The PG3 Digital Pattern Generator Series is no longer available for purchase. The Tektronix AFG31000 and AWG5200 are recommended replacements. Information on these products is located at and

The PG3 Digital Pattern Generator Series is a powerful general purpose tool that can be used to stimulate your designs. You get the flexibility and expandability with different form factors and a wide selection of probes for a broad range of applications.

These digital pattern generators can be used for peripheral/ASIC emulation and stimulation, protocol level testing setup/hold verification, production test, mixed signal testing and general digital stimulus. The PG3 can be coupled with a Tektronix Logic Analyzer and/or a Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope to provide a complete test system.

Digital Pattern Generators



300 Mb/s single data rate 600 Mb/s double data rate Supports higher speed logic such as FPGAs, embedded microprocessors, memory, and serial I/O buses
Expandable up to 256 bit width Simultaneously stimulate several inputs to the device under test, including buses, serial inputs, and control lines
Variable voltage levels and byte wide timing adjustments Provides fine adjustments in timing and voltage level for "corner case" system testing
External clock input and external trigger inputs Synchronize the pattern generator output to the system under test
Capture data on a TLA and export it to the PG for play back Simple process allows the customer to quickly create your data patterns
PGApp software can create data files with breaks, loops, and conditional execution based on external events Broad flexibility in the output patterns while conserving pattern generator memory
Pre-programmed patterns for common tests, e.g. walking 1s, counters, clocks Saves time that would be spent generating common patterns
Wide variety of Probes Cover many different application needs for stimulus
P370 4.5V-5.5V, 16 channel probe, 150 MHz, square pins
P370LV 1.6V-3.6V, 16 channel probe, 200 MHz, square pins
P370LV2 1.0V-2.5V, 16 channel probe, 200 MHz, square pins
P373 LVDS, 16 channel, 300 MHz (Mictor)
P375 Programmable Vol/Voh, bit-variable timing, 16 ch, 300 MHz
P390 Hydra Cable for merging modules (up to 256 bit width)