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Tektronix 4000 Series: 5.5 and 6.5 Digit Multimeters (Discontinued)

Please note, the supply of Tektronix 4000 series DMM is limited. New Keithley DMM6500 6.5 Digit Multimeter with Graphical Touchscreen are the recommended replacements for the Tektronix 4000 Series. Learn about the new Keithley DMM6500 6.5 Digit Multimeter with Graphical Touchscreen.

The 5.5 digit DMM4020 and 6.5 digit DMM4050 and DMM4040 broad purpose bench multimeters deliver a comprehensive range of functions to meet your most demanding measurements on the bench or in a system.   These digital multimeters perform the functions you would expect to see in a multifunction DMM, including measuring volts, ohms, amps, and frequency measurements. The DMM4050 adds temperature and capacitance for greater versatility. See all digital multimeters »

Tektronix 4000 Series: 5½- and 6½-Digit Multimeters



Choice of 5½- or 6½-digit resolution Makes it unnecessary to pay for higher resolution than the application requires

True RMS (AC, AC + DC) measurements

Ensure high measurement integrity
2×4 ohms 4-wire measurement technique Allows performing 4-wire resistance measurements with excellent resolution and accuracy using only two leads instead of four.
Temperature and capacitance measurements (DMM4050) Provide a combination of measurements few DMMs can offer
TrendPlot™ paperless data recorder mode (DMM4040/4050) Plots the trend of a measured value over time graphically
Measurement statistics (DMM4040/4050) Calculates both the average and standard deviation of a measurement, as well as tracks the minimum and maximum measured values, with the push of a button
Histogram mode (DMM4040/4050) Displays the distribution of measurement results
Includes safety test leads, RS232 to USB adapter cable, and three year standard warranty Provides lower total cost
Accessory HCTEK4321
Datasheet Description
View Datasheet Hard Carrying Case
Accessory RMU2U
Datasheet Description
View Datasheet Rackmount Kit
Accessory TL725
Datasheet Description
View Datasheet 2X4 Wire Ohm Tweezer Test Leads
Datasheet Accessory Description
HCTEK4321 Hard Carrying Case
RMU2U Rackmount Kit
TL725 2X4 Wire Ohm Tweezer Test Leads