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Keithley 2268 DC Power Supply

The 2260B series is the recommended replacement for the 2268 Series.

The 2260B series offers a wide range of voltages and currents with the 360W, 720W, or 1080W.

The 360W versions can output current of 36A, 13.5A, 4.5A, or 1.44A; the 720W models can output 72A, 27A, 9A, or 2.88A; and the 1080W instruments can output 108A, 40.5A, 13.5A or 4.32A. This wide range of output voltages and current, combined with multiple interface choices, makes the Series 2260B ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including research and design, quality control, and production test.




Base Price
US $3,230 +
Model Description Number of Outputs Maximum Voltage Maximum Current Connectivity List Price Configure And Quote

850W DC Power Supply, 150V, 5.6A

1 150V 5.6A USB, LAN, GPIB, RS-232, RS-485, Analog US $3,230 Configure & Quote



850W in a low profile 1U high, half-rack width enclosure Offers the highest power density in the smallest package to minimize test rack space requirements.

15V and 5V auxiliary outputs

Supports driving or signaling external devices, often eliminating the need for additional instrumentation.
Isolated analog inputs  Minimizes control line noise, reducing or eliminating the susceptibility to signal degradation.
LAN, USB, GPIB, RS-232, RS-485 interfaces and analog input are all standard Makes it simple to select the optimum interface for any test application.
Operate at temperatures up to 50°C Allows reliable performance even in test racks that have elevated temperatures.
Auto sequence control Supports internal execution of commands to minimize bus communication time.
Foldback mode with programmable delay  Shuts down the output on transitions between CV and CC operation to protect voltage- or current-sensitive devices. The programmable delay time eliminates nuisance shutdowns due to transient voltage overshoots.
Two units can be connected in series or up to four units connected in parallel to produce higher outputs Expands voltage or current capacity for higher output requirements.
Numerous built-in safety features: over- and under-voltage protection, overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and a hardware interlock Protects the load and the supply.