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TBS2000 vs. Rigol DS2000A

Tektronix TBS2000 Series
✔ 9” WVGA display with 15 horizontal grids
✔ 20M record length to capture long time windows
Rigol DS2000A Series
8” WVGA with 14 horizontal grids
14M record length as standard, with a 56M option
key features comparison
Probe and Measurement
Tektronix TBS2000 Series
✔ TekVPI probe interface supports active, differential, and current without the need for external power. Probes communicate with TBS2000
✔ 32 Automatic measurements can be categorized and laid out in one page for straight-forward selection
✔ Cursor measurement with on-waveform readouts
Rigol DS2000A Series
Standard BNC interface. No power provided by the scope, and no communication
24 automatic measurements are selected from a long list. You are not able to see them all at once
Cursor measurement readouts are off to the side of the screen
Safety and Reliability
Tektronix TBS2000 Series
Tektronix TBS2000 Series probe ✔ 5 years of warranty
✔ No fans in 2-channel models, for low noise operation
✔ Max. Input Voltage: CAT II 300Vrms
Rigol DS2000A Series
Keysight X2000 Series probe 3 years of warranty
Fans in all models
Max. Input Voltage: CAT II 100Vrms
Tools and Applications Designed Especially for Education
Tektronix TBS2000 Series
HelpEverywhere – Shows real-time instructions for key operations like triggering or measuring
ScopeIntro – Built-in knowledge book with detailed introduction of oscilloscope and current models
Courseware – Lab exercises may be downloaded for free and may be loaded and viewed on the oscilloscope
TekSmartLab – TBS2000 is fully compatible with TekSmartLab software for presetting lab stations and monitoring student progress from a professor’s workstation
Rigol DS2000A Series
No instructions for key operations
No built-in oscilloscope or operation guide
Lab exercises may not be loaded or viewed on the oscilloscope
No solution for presetting lab stations or monitoring student progress during labs from a professor’s workstation
Remote Connectivity
Tektronix TBS2000 Series
✔ First basic oscilloscope with Wi-fi Dongle support
✔ Two USB ports on rear panel: one USB HOST for flash drive or wi-fi dongle; one USB DEVICE for remote control via PC
✔ LAN with LXI compatibility is included. TBS2000 can be remotely accessed by any device on the same network equipped with a web browser
Rigol DS2000A Series
No wireless connectivity
Only one USB port on rear panel: USB DEVICE
✔ LAN as standard with LXI compatibility