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RSA500A Series vs. Keysight FieldFox Series Competitive Fact Sheet

Real Time for interference hunting
Tektronix RSA500A Series
✔ Real Time Analysis - Detects signals others miss
✔ 40 MHz Bandwidth - support for wideband IoT wireless standards, record/playback, IQ acquisition,
✔ Many Standard Features - DPX, Preamp, Spectrogram, GPS,
✔ VSA and Standards Support - General purpose support with 27 different modulation formats and dedicated measurement personalities for Bluetooth, WLAN, P25, and LTE power measurements,
✔ More Options - Full IQ seamless Record/Playback within a 40 MHz BW, Mapping, signal classification,
✔ Take the weight off your hands - 1 kg tablet in your hands
Dedicated RF Acquisition System
Keysight FieldFox Series
Swept Spectrum Analysis - misses signals
5 MHz Bandwidth too small – misses support for wider bandwidth signal acquisition and analysis,
Individual options add cost - preamp, Spectrogram, GPS,
Vector Signal Analysis - No VSA options and wireless standards measurements,
Limited Spectrum Analyzer Options – Full VNA options, but not many for the spectrum analyzer mode
3 kg spectrum analyzer in your hands
User Interface Designed For Easy Spectrum Analysis
User Interface Designed For Easy Spectrum Analysis
Fast Sweeps for low noise floor
Tektronix RSA500A
✔ Conventional Spectrum Analyzer features
✔ Unique HW architecture to complete low noise floor sweeps very quickly
✔ Much faster sweep times for RBW settings less than 30 KHz
✔ Example: sweep times for a -134 dBm noise floor with a 1 kHz RBW is 8.3 second (7.5 GHz)
Keysight FieldFox Series
✔ Conventional Spectrum Analyzer features
Conventional Spectrum Analyzer architecture sweeps quickly in default settings, but slowly when looking at low noise floors
Much slower sweep times for RBW settings less than 30 KHz
Example: sweep times for a -124 dBm noise floor with a 1 kHz RBW is 3 min in fast mode, and 40 min in performance or No FFT mode (7.5 GHz)
Real Time for live signal viewing
Tektronix RSA500A Series
✔ 10,000 FFT’s per second for Live Signal Viewing
✔ Color shows the number of times a spectral event has occurred
✔ Probability of Intercept displayed on screen to let you know performance with current settings
✔ Real time Spectrogram display also available to give more insights
✔ Example – ISM band WLAN and Bluetooth signals shown with real time displays
User Interface Designed For Easy Spectrum Analysis
LeCroy WavePro 7Zi Series
Regular spectrum sweeps gives blind spots to miss short duration signals – 1 sweep every 50 msec is orders of magnitude slower than RSA500A
Co-channel interference or signal under signal is no way to be shown
Example – Some signals are missed even with the help of maximum and minimum hold spectrum traces.
User Interface Designed For Easy Spectrum Analysis
Tektronix RSA500A
✔ No limits on recording length – store 0.3 TB per hour of recording on a PC’s SSD
✔ Playback file works just like a live measurement- make changes to settings, add measurements on the replay data
✔ Example – Recorded the 40 MHz ISM band IQ data seamless data, and adjust settings for the WLAN demodulation analysis with multiple displays
Digital Debug with MSO
Keysight FieldFox Series
Spectrogram is not standard, need to buy the Interference Analyzer and Spectrogram option - $1,797 US List
Spectrogram records and playbacks the spectrum trace only, not underlying signal IQ data
Example – Record/Playback the normal spectrum traces and Spectrogram only
Digital Debug with MSO
Mapping and signal classification Test
Tektronix RSA500A
✔ The RSA mapping tool lets you record measurements on a geo-referenced map or a bitmap map for documentation purposes.
✔ The optional signal classification toolset helps you classify signals.
Digital Debug with MSO
Keysight FieldFox Series
No Mapping measurements
No signal classification measurements

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