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Keysight 3000T X-Series Oscilloscopes vs. 3 Series MDO Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes Comparison

Screen Size and Waveform Viewing Area
Tektronix x 3 Series MDO (11.6” HD 1920x1080 touch)
Keysight X3000T-Series (8.5” VGA 800x480 touch)
Digital Channels
Tektronix 3 Series MDO
✔ Maximum record length 10 Mpoints, even with analog channels on
✔ Minimum detectable pulse 2ns
✔ Channel-to-channel skew 500 ps typical
✔ MagniVu high speed sampling offers timing resolution of 121 ps
Keysight X3000T-Series
Maximum record length 4 Mpoints with no analog channels on, 500 kpoints with analog channels on
Minimum detectable pulse 5ns
Channel-to-channel skew 2 ns typical
Digital channel sample rate of 1 GS/s gives 1 ns timing resolution
Long Record Length Navigation and Search
Tektronix 3 Series MDO
✔ 10 Mpoints record length on all channels, standard
✔ Intuitive waveform navigation pan/zoom easy scrolling through long records
Keysight X3000T-Series
Maximum 4 Mpoints record length
Limited navigation buttons and multiplexed horizontal controls
Spectrum Analyzer
Tektronix 3 Series MDO
✔ Flat frequency response, 9 kHz to 1 GHz ($1,500 value FREE) or 3 GHz (optional)
✔ Dedicated RF hardware with guaranteed RF specifications
✔ Intuitive on-screen controls for fast adjustments.
✔ Spectrogram display shows frequency and amplitude changes
MDO3000 does not provide synchronized time- and frequency-domain display
Keysight X3000T-Series
FFT amplitude is -3dB at analog channel bandwidth
Software based FFT, no specifications
Multiplexed front panel and menu controls for FFT
Spectrogram Display not available.
✔ Gated FFT display correlates the time and frequency domains.
Spectrum display comparison, 3 Series MDO offers automatic markers and spectrogram display.
Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Tektronix 3 Series MDO
✔ Optional and upgradable
✔ Up to 50 MHz function generation, 13 predefined functions
✔ Arbitrary waveform generation with 128k waveform memory and 250 MS/s output rate
Keysight X3000T-Series
✔ Optional and upgradable
Up to 20 MHz function generation, 11 predefined functions
Arbitrary waveform generation with 8k waveform memory and 100 MS/s output rate
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