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TLA5000 Series Upgrade Guide

PowerFlex™ Upgrade Kits

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PowerFlex™ Upgrade Kits

Unique to the entire TLA Series of logic analyzers is the PowerFlex™ concept - the ability to purchase only the measurement capability you need now and upgrade at a later date for only the difference in price, as opposed to buying a completely new logic analyzer.

All Tektronix TLA Series logic analyzers are available in a variety of channel widths, state speeds, and record lengths to support a wide range of applications and budgets. The specific ordering options with each of the following PowerFlex kits will vary depending upon your current configuration. All PowerFlex kits are customer installable and the PowerFlex kit installation requires the PowerFlex utility software.

The PowerFlex utility software is already installed on instruments with TLA Series application software V4.3 and above. Or, for TLA Series instruments running application software with a version earlier than V4.3, you can download the software directly to quickly identify which PowerFlex options are available for your specific instrument.

TLA PowerFlex™ Utility

The PowerFlex Utility will show what capabilities can be upgraded and what specific upgrade kit to order to perform the upgrade. To run the PowerFlex Utility on the TLA Series logic analyzer, simply select it from the appropriate directory within your instrument's Windows Start menu.

Please contact your local Tektronix account manager for assistance in determining which options are available to you and to confirm the actual options prior to ordering.

TLA5000 Series Logic Analyzers

For the TLA520x Logic Analyzers, upgrades for 512 Kb to 2 Mb to 8 Mb record lengths are available:

TLA5201 34 channel - Order TLA5F201 with appropriate option.

TLA5202 68 channel - Order TLA5F202 with appropriate option.

TLA5203 102 channel - Order TLA5F203 with appropriate option.

TLA5204 136 channel - Order TLA5F204 with appropriate option.