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Optical Storage Analysis and Measurement Software


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Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Industry-specific Optical Storage, Amplitude and Timing Measurements Help Characterize Designs Efficiently
  • TekFlex™ Feature Offers Unprecedented Flexibility to Modify Signal Processing Blocks - Equalizer, Low Pass Filter, Slicer and PLL - to Develop Next-generation Optical Designs
  • Digital Phosphor Technology Delivers the Complex RF Eye Display as Previously Seen Only on Analog Oscilloscopes
  • Automatic Determination of Clock Period for Advanced Constant Angular Velocity (CAV) Drives for Easier and More Accurate Analysis
  • Tracking Error Counter Enables Users to Determine Tracking Error Count
  • Input Block Diagram Allows Bypassing of Various Signal-processing Blocks
  • Time Interval Analysis (TIA) Display Provides Histogram Display of Pulse Width Measurements Over T Values
  • Five Display Modes - Summary, List by nT, Plot, Histogram and List - Enable Users to View the Output in Various Formats for In-depth Analysis
  • Statistical Information Including Mean, Max, Min, Average and Standard Deviation Offers Greater Insight into Signal Behavior


  • Design and Debug of DVD, CD and MO
  • Development of Next-generation Optical Systems
  • Development of Systems Beyond Current ECMA Standards

Optical Storage Analysis and Measurement Software Package

The TDSDVD optical storage analysis and measurement software package, coupled with Tektronix TDS5000, TDS7000 and CSA7000 Series digital phosphor oscilloscopes, is the first test tool to deliver the flexibility, analysis, time interval display, automatic industry-specific measurements, and familiar, analog-like display for design and test engineers developing state-of-the-art optical storage systems. This superior test solution combines the capabilities of an analog oscilloscope, digital oscilloscope and jitter analyzer into one simple-to-use tool that provides complete system characterization and allows designers to maximize the performance of existing systems and next-generation designs.

TekFlex™ Delivers an Ideal Design Solution for Next-generation Optical Storage Systems

TDSDVD's TekFlex feature enables designers to develop next-generation designs or optimize the performance of existing optical storage systems beyond current ECMA standards by allowing them to modify or substitute various signal processing blocks, such as the Equalizer, Low pass filter, Slicer and PLL. When installed on a PC, the TDSDVD application software utilizes the exceptional computational power of the workstation to make complex calculations sometimes required when fine-tuning intricate designs.

Automated Analysis and Measurements

The long record length of the TDS5000, TDS7000 and CSA7000 Series oscilloscopes, coupled with the powerful capabilities of the TDSDVD software package, combine the benefits of an analog oscilloscope, digital oscilloscope and jitter analyzer into one easy-to-use instrument for complete system characterization. With this tool, designers can view the RF signal eye-pattern and perform detailed analysis.

Accurate, comprehensive and easy-to-perform amplitude and timing measurements coupled with advanced analysis capability help users to characterize designs efficiently. TDSDVD software automatically detects the clock period and uses the extracted clock period T to make timing measurements. Effects of Inter-symbol-interference can be determined by analysis of Data-to-Clock Edge shift.

The TDSDVD software package permits emulation of drive characteristics to enable users to perform measurements independent of any specific hardware and allows the user to view data at various test points. Using DSP techniques, the user's signals are conditioned using software Equalizer, Low Pass Filter, Slicer and PLL functions. The time interval analysis (TIA) display provides the data-pulse-width measurement as a histogram display plotted over T values.

TDSDVD's record scan feature offers easy navigation and saves time by automatically comparing sections of the same waveform or different waveforms for defects through multiple gated regions on a long record length waveform.


Time Interval Analysis (TIA) display provides data-pulse-width measurements as histograms displays plotted over T values.


Amplitude Measurements

Amplitude - High, Low, Peak-to-Peak, Decision Level, Asymmetry, Symmetry.

Modulation - Resolution, Ratio.

Timing Measurements

Data - Timing Jitter, Data Pulse Width.

Clock - Clock Jitter.

Data-to-Clock Edge Shift - Leading, Trailing, Leading and Trailing, Leading or Trailing.

Tracking Error Counter

Tracking Error Count.


By Cursors.

User Options

Select Voltage Threshold - To determine "pit" and "space."

Select Clock Source - Synthesized, measured or extracted.

Display Modes - TDSDVD displays measurement results in various formats. This is essential - as certain anomalies might not be revealed by simple statistics. The following display modes are available to make analysis effective and easier.

  • Summary shows the weighted average for the measurements
  • List by nT provides result values for each specified nT width. TDSDVD can be configured for measurements from 1T to 25T
  • Plot shows the variation of the value of a parameter with respect to time
  • Histograms help to analyze the statistical distribution of the value for a parameter to find out problems not shown by general statistics
  • List display mode shows the data points from which the statistics were derived. These data points are time-stamped
Physical Characteristics

Software supplied on compact disk media. Software application running on the TDS5000, TDS7000 and CSA7000 Series oscilloscopes, or on a stand-alone PC connected to an oscilloscope running TDSDVD software application.

Ordering Information

Includes: Application CD, online documentation and quick reference guide.

"To Order Pre-installed On a New TDS5000, TDS7000 or CSA7000 Series Oscilloscope"

Order: Opt. DVD.

"To Upgrade Your Existing TDS5000, TDS7000 or CSA7000 Series Oscilloscope"

TDS5104/5054/5052 - Order: TDS5UP Opt. DVD.

TDS7404/7254/7154/7104/7054 - Order TDS7UP Opt. DVD.

CSA7404/7154 - Order CSA7UP Opt. DVD.

System Requirements
  • When running the TDSDVD software application on a TDS5000, TDS7000 or CSA7000 Series oscilloscope: Oscilloscope must have Java Run Time Environment 1.4
  • When using a stand-alone PC connected to a TDS5000, TDS7000 or CSA7000 Series oscilloscope running the TDSDVD software application, PC requirements include:
    • Java Run Time Environment 1.4
    • Pentium II or higher processor
    • 256 MB windows memory
    • NI-AT GPIB card/LAN card
    • Windows 2000 or Windows Me operating system
  • TekFlex: TekFlex works with MATLAB .m files or general Windows DLLs. In case you are using MATLAB .m files, MATLAB version 6.1 or newer should be installed on the platform (oscilloscope or PC) running the TDSDVD application.

Windows Memory Requirements for Oscilloscope or PC When Using TDSDVD

This table specifies performance considerations while running six measurements with all processing blocks

Oscilloscope Record Length

Windows RAM on Oscilloscope or PC where TDSDVD is Running



Up to 2 M samples

256 MB

256 MB

4 M samples and above

256 MB*1

512 MB

*1 Analyzing 4 M or more samples may be a long operation.