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Passive Voltage Probes

P3010 P6101B Datasheet

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The P3010 and P6101B probes are designed to complement the Tektronix family of portable DSO and ART instruments.

Notice to EU customers

This product is not updated to comply with the RoHS 2 Directive 2011/65/EU and will not be shipped to the EU. Customers may be able to purchase products from inventory that were placed on the EU market prior to July 22, 2017 until supplies are depleted. Tektronix is committed to helping you with your solution needs. Please contact your local sales representative for further assistance or to determine if alternative product(s) are available. Tektronix will continue service to the end of worldwide support life.

Key features
  • 1 MΩ inputs
  • P6101B
    • 1X, 15 MHz, 300 V CAT II
    • Readout
  • P3010
    • 10X, 100 MHz
  • Molded passive voltage probes
  • Single-piece, molded rubber body
  • Lightweight ergonomic design
  • 10-times improvement in durability
  • HYBRID/SMT circuitry on multi-layer circuit board for improved performance and reliability
  • New stronger, replaceable probe tip
  • Safety certification
    • UL3111-2-031, CSA1010.2.031, EN61010-2-031, IEC61010-2-031 
  • 1-year unconditional guarantee
  • Miniature probe tip compatible with a wide range of Tektronix accessories and adapters
  • Mixture of high, medium, and low-frequency general-purpose relative measurements
    • Engineering and Design
    • Service
    • Manufacturing

P3010 P6101B passive voltage probes

Passive voltage probes are the most commonly used oscilloscope probe. Other specialty probes expand the range and functionality of an oscilloscope as a measurement system; but a general-purpose, passive voltage probe, is the working end of the oscilloscope, a tool used every day by engineers and technicians.

Two years of customer research, design innovation, and an exhaustive test program resulted in a most remarkable family of oscilloscope probes. This family of passive voltage probes is specifically designed for Tektronix analog and digital portable oscilloscopes. The 1X and 10X switchable probes combine the same high-quality electrical performance that customers expect from Tektronix with a new rugged mechanical design.

These probes are encased in a resilient, molded rubber body that is virtually indestructible. They are lighter in weight, more comfortable to hold, and more reliable than modular probe styles. The probes' replaceable tips are designed to withstand up to 20 pounds of force. Patented integral strain relief allows complete freedom of movement while providing superior cable flex. Each probe has received UL safety certification and meets MIL-T-28800, Class 3, environment specifications - something portable oscilloscope users will appreciate.

The P3010, and P6101B probes are designed to complement the Tektronix family of portable DSO and ART instruments. The core of each probe's performance is supplied by a Tektronix HYBRID/SMT device.

The instrumentation experience possessed by Tektronix provides an extra margin of quality and reliability to the molded probes that is not commonly available to probe manufacturers. These molded probes have been designed and tested to support the overall system performance and measurement quality that Tektronix oscilloscopes guarantee.

Through the introduction of the molded probes, Tektronix has set a new standard for passive voltage probe styling, performance, and durability.




All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise.

Model overview
  P6101B P3010
Attenuation 1X 10X
Bandwidth 15 MHz 100 MHz
Comp. range (Typical) N.A. 10 pF to 15 pF
System input resistance 1 MΩ 10 MΩ
Input capacitance (Typical) 100 pF 13 pF
Input RMS 300 VRMS CAT II 300 VRMS CAT I & II 1
Readout   X

1500 V peak, duty factor

2250 V peak, duty factor

Physical characteristics
Cable length
2 m (6.56 ft)
Net weight (including accessories)
EMC, environment, and safety
Temperature range 1

-15 °C to +65 °C (5 °F to 149 °F) Operating

-62 °C to +85 °C (-80 °F to 185 °F) Nonoperating


-15 °C to +55 °C (5 °F to 131 °F) Operating

-62 °C to +85 °C (-80 °F to 185 °F) Nonoperating

1Tektronix Standard 062-2847-00, class 3. Refer to MIL-E-16400F, paragraphs 4.5.9 through, class 4.

Humidity 1

95% to 97% Relative Humidity, 30 °C to 60 °C (86 °F to 140 °F)


95% to 97% Relative Humidity, 30 °C to 55 °C (86 °F to 131 °F)

1Tektronix Standard 062-2847-00, class 3. Refer to MIL-E-16400F, paragraphs 4.5.9 through, class 4.


Ordering information

1X, 15 MHz Passive Voltage Probe.
10X, 100 MHz Passive Voltage Probe.
Standard accessories
Marker band set, 2 each of 5 colors
Retractable hook tip
6 in. ground lead
BNC-to-probe tip adapter
Adjustment tool
Manual (P6101B)
Manual (P3010)
Storage pouch
Recommended oscilloscopes
All oscilloscopes

One-year warranty covering all parts and labor.

Recommended accessories

Please see 5 mm Probe Accessories (miniature) probe system at