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Passive Voltage Probe -- 1x/10x

P2220 P2221 Datasheet

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Tektronix passive probe solutions provide high reliability and testing accuracy for basic oscilloscope measurements. The P2220 and P2221 are compact passive probes with selectable 1X/10X attenuation designed for use with selected Tektronix oscilloscopes.



Key features

  • 1x/10x attenuation
  • 200 MHz bandwidth
  • 1.5 m length
  • UL3111-1, CSA1010.1, EN61010-1, EN61010-2-031, and IEC61010-2-031 


  • Relative low-frequency measurements
  • Low-frequency computer and telecom measurements
  • Power supplies
  • Low-frequency amplifiers

P2220 P2221 passive voltage probes

The P2220 and P2221, 200 MHz passive voltage probes permit selection of 1x or 10x attenuation, using a switch located on the probe head.

The P2220 probe is compatible with TDS200, TDS1000, TDS1000B, TDS2000, TDS2000B, and TPS2000 Series oscilloscopes. The P2220 probe also provides floating measurement capability up to 30 VRMS with TPS2000 Series oscilloscopes only. (Note: Do not float with TDS2000, TDS2000B, TDS1000, TDS1000B, or TDS200 Series oscilloscopes.)

The P2221 is compatible with MSO2000 and DPO2000 Series oscilloscopes.


All specifications are guaranteed unless noted otherwise. All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise.

BandwidthDC to 200 MHzDC to 6 MHz
Probe length1.5 m1.5 m
Attentuation ratio10:1 1:1 
Compensation range All oscilloscopes with 1 MΩ input
 P222015 to 25 pF 
 P222110 to 25 pF 
Input capacitance17.0 pF110 pF
Input resistance10 MΩ1 MΩ
Maximum input voltage300 V Cat II150 V Cat II
Maximum voltage between reference lead and earth ground30 VRMS 130 VRMS 1

1 The float voltage must be subtracted from the tip to earth ground voltage. For example, if the reference lead is floated to 30 V RMS while the probe is in the 10x position, the tip voltage to the reference lead is limited to 270 V RMS.

Ordering Information

Passive Probe, 1x/10x, 200 MHz Passive Voltage Probe

Includes retractable hook tip (013-0107-xx), 6-inch ground lead (196-3466-xx), adjustment tool (003-1433-xx), marker band set (016-1315-xx), instruction manual (071-1464-xx). 1

Passive Probe, 1x/10x, 200 MHz Passive Voltage Probe for MSO/DPO2000 Series oscilloscopes

Includes retractable hook tip (013-0107-xx), 6-inch ground lead (196-3466-xx), adjustment tool (003-1433-xx), marker band set (016-1315-xx), instruction manual (071-2335-xx). 1

1 The accessory quantities may differ when multiple probes are shipped with an oscilloscope/probe system.