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MeasureXtractor™ Software


Features & Benefits

  • Automatically Convert TDR/T or VNA Data into SPICE Models
    • Measurement Based, Frequency Dependent, Exact Models
    • Model Passivity, Stability, Causality Guaranteed
  • Easily Ensure System Level Simulation Accuracy
  • Easily Perform Interconnect Link Analysis


  • High-speed Component Testing
  • Serial Data Testing
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Communications Testing

The Fastest Way from TDR/T or VNA Measurements to Simulations

As the complexity and speed of digital systems increase, modeling the complex high-frequency effects occurring in the high-speed interconnects is becoming an increasingly challenging task, requiring large amounts of design time.

MeasureXtractor™ is an automated model extraction tool, allowing the designer to obtain an accurate measurement based on the SPICE model of the interconnect, with the press of a button. MeasureXtractor will guide you through the data acquisition process, help you acquire TDR/T or VNA S-parameter data, and will automatically produce an accurate model that matches both the time and frequency response of your interconnect.

Losses, dispersion, jitter, crosstalk, and reflections and ringing are predicted accurately, up to the highest frequency of operation of your instrument. Passivity of models must be explicitly enforced during model extraction, and MeasureXtractor model passivity is assured through the proprietary algorithm. This means that interconnect models generated with MeasureXtractor will not artificially amplify the signal, oscillate, or produce non-causal results when used in system-level simulations.

Behavioral Models

Comparison of behavioral and topological modeling approaches




Measurement Requirements

Requires full-port measurement

Just TDR (reflection) is sufficient

Topology Selection

Automatic, no user intervention

User-controlled (easy and intuitive from TDR measurements)

Model Extraction

Automatic, no user intervention

User-driven; more labor intensive and requires more skill

Type of Models

“Black-box”, no internal changes allowed

Intuitive, topology correlates to model


Large model size for long interconnects (backplanes, cable assemblies)

Efficient model extraction processes exist for large interconnects


Quick inclusion of S-parameter, or TDR/T measurements into simulation; the “do-it-all” modeling tool

Comprehensive modeling, “what-if” scenarios analysis, signal integrity troubleshooting, and fault-finding

MeasureXtractor produces what is known as a behavioral model. Such a model does not take into account the actual topology of the interconnect, but instead simply aims to accurately represent the time and frequency behavior of the interconnect in the most simulation efficient manner; in the case of MeasureXtractor, that means with the minimum number of components, and guaranteed passivity. Nonetheless, behavioral models can result in longer simulation time, particularly for large interconnect structures.


Recommended Instrument Compatibility
  • Tektronix CSA/TDS8200 or CSA/TDS8000, with 80E04 TDR sampling module (local TekVISA™ interface is supported; install and run directly on the instrument)
  • Tektronix 11801 and CSA803 mainframes with SD24 TDR sampling module
Computer Requirements

Processor - 400 MHz Intel Pentium

RAM - 256 MB (1 GB recommended for large MeasureXtractor runs)

Hard Drive - 40 MB free space

Operating System - Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/XP

Monitor - Additional external monitor is recommended

Others - National Instruments GPIB board, version 2.1 (not required for Tektronix CSA/TDS8xxx local TekVISA interface)

Ordering Information


IConnect® and MeasureXtractor™ Signal Integrity TDR and VNA Software.

Includes: First year of maintenance and support from date of purchase.

As an Option to the CSA8200 or TDS8200 Oscilloscopes

Opt. ICMX - Pre-install product on a new CSA/TDS8200 Series Oscilloscope*1

*1 Only parallel port hardware key is offered.


Options to stand-alone product

Opt. USB - USB hardware key (dongle).

Opt. PPD - Parallel port hardware key (dongle).

Opt. SWS2 - Extend maintenance agreement to two years from date of purchase.

Opt. SWS3 - Extend maintenance agreement to three years from date of purchase.


IConnect and MeasureXtractor Extensions to Existing Maintenance Agreements

Opt. SWS1 - Extend maintenance agreement by one year.

Opt. SWS2 - Extend maintenance agreement by two years.

Opt. SWS3 - Extend maintenance agreement by three years.

Opt. CUR - Renew a license that is out of support.


Upgrade from 80SSPAR to 80SICMX

Opt. ICMXUSB - Upgrade with USB hardware key (dongle).

Opt. ICMXPPD - Upgrade with parallel port hardware key (dongle).


Upgrade from 80SICON to 80SICMX

Opt. ICMXUSB - Upgrade with USB hardware key (dongle).

Opt. ICMXPPD - Upgrade with parallel port hardware key (dongle).