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Power Dividers and Pick-Off Tees

These products are no longer available for purchase.

Picosecond Pulse Labs is now part of Tektronix. The same leading performance you have come to expect from Picosecond Pulse Labs products is now available with the worldwide support and backing of Tektronix.

Tektronix Power Dividers are resistive tees that have excellent performance and frequency response from DC to as high as 50 GHz. Models PSPL5331, PSPL5333, and PSPL5350 split the signal into two equal replicas of the input signal. Both outputs are 6 dB down from the input power.

Several versions of Pick-Off Tees are available. These components produce a small replica of a signal at a pick-off port, at ratios of 10, 14, or 20 dB down from the input signal level.

The output ratio in the table below refers to the power ratio of the pick-off port to the input signal, and the power ratio of the through-line to the input signal respectively.

Power Dividers and Pick-Off Tees