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A chip-on-board (COB) IC packaging solution shortens the signal path down to the board-level, improving signal integrity and electrical performance. A typical chip-on-board assembly is manufactured by directly mounting and interconnecting the IC to the final circuit board, helping to reduce space compared to alternate approaches and improve performance via shorter interconnect length.

Tektronix Component Solutions has extensive experience developing chip-on-board assemblies. With advanced die attach, wire bonding, and flip chip capabilities, in addition to a variety of encapsulation options, we can develop a custom solution to meet your component needs.

Die Attach

The first step in a typical chip-on-board assembly process is die attach. For basic requirements, Tektronix Component Solutions utilizes solder or epoxy die mount materials. After dispensing the appropriate adhesive, Tektronix Component Solutions will then move to precision die placement, before curing and then establishing interconnect.

Wire Bonding

A common methodology for COB interconnect is wire bonding. To achieve this type of interconnect, Tektronix Component Solutions can provide either ball-stich or wedge bonding services, utilizing gold or aluminum wire bond material. In addition, we can support multi-row and high-density interconnect requirements, providing the flexibility to meet unique IC package requirements.

Flip Chip

As an alternative to wire bonding, flip chip can also be used to establish interconnect in chip-on-board packaging solutions. Flip chip offers a means to further reduce package size while expanding interconnect density, supporting size, weight and power (SWaP) considerations. Tektronix Component Solutions can provide advanced flip chip assembly services for COB or other custom packaging solutions.