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SiC MOSFETs Represent Opportunities and Measurement Challenges for EV Designers

Innovation in semiconductor technology is enabling more efficient and dense power conversion in hybrid and electric vehicles. Wide bandgap silicon carbide (SiC) technology enables faster switching and lower switching loss in high voltage EV systems. 

However, the same fast switching and high voltage capabilities that make SiC MOSFETs so promising, also create measurement challenges. Probing the high-side gates of power MOSFETs requires high bandwidth to accurately capture switching performance and high common mode rejection to eliminate the effects of extreme reference swings in high-side VGS. IsoVu probes provide up to 1 GHz bandwidth and high common mode rejection for an accurate view of the VGS signal.

Check out this short video that illustrates the positive impact that an IsoVu probing system can have on VGS measurements in wide bandgap power conversion systems.