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Profiled: Kevin Ilcisin, VP and CTO at Tektronix


Ever wondered who is responsible for all that technology over at Tektronix? Dr. Kevin Ilcisin, VP and CTO is your guy! Janine Love at EDN recently profiled Dr. Ilcisin, and they discussed everything from the beginning of his career to what he sees as the future of test. So, let’s get to know him better! Here are some highlights from his interview:

Janine: Why did you first get into this market/career? 
 Growing up, I was the prototypical nerd, fascinated by taking things apart (and sometime even putting them together again). That passion for science and engineering guided my school choices including the decision to enter graduate studies in physics. I wanted to do research on things that no one had ever tried before. That same passion brought me to this industry. What makes our customers unique is that most of them are trying to do something new or something different, and that uniqueness requires assistance in the way of measurement tools and applications that can help them answer key questions and solve critical problems.

Janine: What synergies have you found between your areas of laser, display, and semiconductor equipment? How does your experience in these areas help you with your role now?
 I wouldn’t say this background brought a lot in the way synergy.  In fact, my career path resulted in the opposite: a broad exposure to technologies and industries that are each unique in terms of technologies, challenges, people, operational and organizational models. The different roles presented me the opportunity to experience innovation in companies that ranged from a three-person start-up to Fortune 500 companies. I believe this breadth of experience is what has me asking: “why are we doing it that way? what about…is there another way to solve this?” I’m always thinking about how other teams handled similar technical challenges, comparing and contrasting what worked and didn’t and what might apply in a new situation.

Janine: What do you find fascinating about engineering/test? 
 The engineering and science professions really focus on achieving one of two outcomes: generating knowledge for use by others, and solving tough problems. Both of these are found daily in the T&M (test and measurement) industry. For me, solving a critical problem that can help someone or discovering a new phenomenon, artifact, or root cause model creates the opportunity for something new to be learned or experienced every single day. That is what makes it fascinating.  

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