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My Eye Media and 3rd i QC Turn to Tektronix Waveform Rasterizers for 4K Video Content Quality Control


Quality control has always been important for all forms of home entertainment content and broadcast material. But now, with the advent of 4K and UHD, QC is an absolutely vital part of the process that can’t be compromised in any way. As broadcast standards and technologies move forward, consumer expectations – especially those of early adopters – are extremely high. QC of 4K/UHD content is a critical step toward meeting those expectations, and studios, producers and streaming content providers are turning to the quality control experts at Tektronix for help.

For firms specializing in providing QC services to the film and broadcast industries, 4K represents a significant growth opportunity. And as the QC houses move into the 4K world, they are increasingly turning to Tektronix WVR8200 waveform rasterizers to ensure that 4K content meets technical requirements and consumer expectations. Here are two examples:

  • 3rd i QC is a pioneering company in the field of quality assurance for the home entertainment industry that is starting to see growing interest in 4K QC services. You can read about how they are using their WRV8200 units in this Field Report from The Broadcast Bridge.
  • My Eye Media is an industry leader in quality assurance and quality control for major motion picture studios, TV broadcasters and independent content producers, and is also seeing an upswing in 4K QC content. To learn more, take a few minutes to read the latest news about how the WVR8200 is meeting their 4K video QC needs.

The WVR8200, like the entire family of Tektronix WFM8000 and WVR8000 Series of waveform monitors and rasterizers, uses a high-performance architecture fully capable of supporting the throughput requirements of 4K content. These instruments can perform a broad range of measurements, including four-tile displays of waveform, picture, vector, gamut and eye diagram for YPbPr formats. These comprehensive measurement capabilities enable users to reduce the time to isolate, diagnose and remedy system issues and design faults.

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