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A critical problem to solve for design engineers is insight into their design’s electromagnetic performance in order to adhere to compliance standards and understand emissions and potential interference. This is particularly true for switching power supply design and AC/DC and DC/DC converters. With the increasing adoption of wide-bandgap based devices, power supplies are shifting to faster high voltage and high current switching waveforms that generate electromagnetic interference (EMI) in conducted and radiated emissions.

  • How do engineers suppress EMI emissions below standard acceptable limits?
  • How do they prove their design techniques are effective?
  • How do they come to an understanding of the noise sources (for example, not only to locate them but to identify all coupling mechanisms occurring on the design board)?
  • How do schematics change due to parasitic capacitances and current loops?
  • How do engineers know whether their corrections are effective? How do they prove the sizing of decoupling capacitors is correct? How do they test their own designed inductance to be both effective and not impact the critical areas of the board?