Picosecond DC Blocks

Picosecond DC Blocks

Tektronix DC blocks are high performance ultra-broadband components used for isolating DC voltages while allowing data signals to pass through unaffected.

The PSPL5500 Series of DC Blocks are extremely broadband coaxial blocking capacitors. Due to the coaxial construction, excellent microwave performance and transient response is achieved. Large capacitance values provide low frequency response down to the kHz range.

Picosecond Pulse Labs is now part of Tektronix. The same leading performance you have come to expect from Picosecond Pulse Labs products is now available with the worldwide support and backing of Tektronix.

Base Price
US $259
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Model Bandwidth Capacitance Low Frequency -3 dB Max DC Voltage Rise Time List Price
PSPL5501A >26 GHz

0.22 uF

7 kHz

50 V

10 ps US $259
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PSPL5508 >26 GHz

2.2 uF

0.7 kHz

16 V

<8 ps US $259
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PSPL5509 50 GHz

0.22 uF, 500pF

7 kHz, 3 MHz

16 V, 50 V

5 ps Contact Us
List PriceUS $259
BandwidthCapacitanceLow Frequency -3 dB
>26 GHz<p>0.22 uF</p><p>7 kHz</p>
Max DC VoltageRise Time
<p>50 V</p>10 ps
List PriceUS $259
BandwidthCapacitanceLow Frequency -3 dB
>26 GHz<p>2.2 uF</p><p>0.7 kHz</p>
Max DC VoltageRise Time
<p>16 V</p><8 ps
BandwidthCapacitanceLow Frequency -3 dB
50 GHz<p>0.22 uF, 500pF</p><p>7 kHz, 3 MHz</p>
Max DC VoltageRise Time
<p>16 V, 50 V</p>5 ps
PSPL5500 Series DC Blocks
PSPL5500A, PSPL5501A, PSPL5508 Datasheet The PSPL5500 Series of DC Blocks is composed of extremely broadband, coaxial blocking capacitors. Due to the coaxial construction, excellent microwave and very fast rise time responses are achieved. The PSPL5508 has a -3 dB bandwidth in excess of 26 GHz a…
Literature number: 1PW-30585-0
Datasheet 29 Jan 2018
Ultra-Broadband DC Block
PSPL5509 Datasheet The PSPL5509 DC Block is an ultra-broadband inner conductor DC block with a flat frequency response over many decades up to 50 GHz. It is available in a choice of 2.92 mm or 2.4 mm connectors.
Literature number: 1PW-30586-1
Datasheet 29 Jan 2018
PSPL Test and Measurement Component Selection Guide
This is a component guide with ordering information for Tektronix PSPL Pulse Generators, including Amplifiers and Drivers, Attenuators, Baluns and Transformers, DC Blocks, Bias Tees, Low-Pass Filters, Impulse Forming Networks, Power Dividers and Pick-off…
Part number: 55W-30714-3
User 28 Aug 2017
Find the Component You're Looking For
Component Selection GuideTurn to our Component Selection Guide for the most important specifications of Tektronix Test & Measurement Components.
Literature number: 55W-30714-0
Selection Guide 13 Dec 2016

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