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What can an oscilloscope measure? Thursday, August 29, 2019
Most, if not all, consumer products have electronic circuits or components – whether they’re simple or complex – and oscilloscopes are required throughout the design, verification, and debugging process. Understanding oscilloscope basics is critical to almost all product design. But this begs the question – what can an oscilloscope measure? Put simply, an oscilloscope is a sophisticated …
New RF vs. Time waveforms in Spectrum View – What are they and what can they do for you? Part 3 Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Several months back, we added a new kind of frequency analysis capability called “Spectrum View” to our 5 and 6 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes.  I posted a two-part article called “A New Approach to Frequency Analysis on Oscilloscopes”  Part 1 and Part 2, explaining the differences between this approach and run-of-the-mill oscilloscope FFTs.  Since then a couple of things have happened.  Tek …
Ensuring Optimal Performance of your Power Supply Design Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Are you working on power circuit stability? Are your DC-DC converters performing as expected? Are you having trouble optimizing your power conversion circuits? Are you having trouble getting the promised efficiency and performance from your fast switching power converter? Current power supply topologies are reliable and well understood in the power electronics industry. New wide bandgap …
mmWave Wi-Fi Steps up to Deliver Next Generation Wireless Experiences Friday, August 16, 2019
There are two related problems with ubiquitous Wi-Fi networks we all have in our homes and businesses. First, there’s the sheer number of devices in the 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrum, from smart TVs to wireless doorbell cameras. Since the Wi-Fi protocol doesn’t provide for central management, all these nearby devices relentlessly compete with each other for airtime. Second, Wi-Fi networks struggle to …
Maximize your uptime. Time flies, except when your field teams are waiting for services on their tools. Friday, August 2, 2019
Inefficient service planning and equipment utilization can mean not having the appropriate tools when you need them or lead to large equipment expenditures.  Learn three steps you can take to move toward improved equipment uptime. All companies have that room in the corner, or maybe the basement, that is full of disorganized or forgotten equipment. Every once in a while, someone rummages through …
DC Bench Power Supply Fundamentals Thursday, August 1, 2019
DC Bench Power Supplies - 6 Things You Must Know Bench power supplies have always been a staple of the test engineer’s bench. We use them every day and yet they are one of the most often overlooked instruments on the bench. With the right bench power supply and a good knowledge of its features and functions, you may be able to improve the speed and accuracy of your tests. The following is a list …
A New Approach to Frequency Analysis on Oscilloscopes, Part 2 Wednesday, July 31, 2019
As discussed in Part 1 of this blog series, the ability to perform spectral analysis on an oscilloscope is limited due to the inherent tradeoffs of FFTs. Overcoming these tradeoffs was a key design goal for Spectrum View. This new capability was made available on 5 and 6 Series MSOs with a recently released firmware upgrade. To understand how Spectrum View works, it is important to note that …
New Keithley KickStart 2.1 Software Release Adds Features, Expands Instrument Support – Now Includes Tektronix Scopes Wednesday, July 10, 2019
KickStart instrument control software accelerates the path to results and enables quick test setup and data visualization when using single or multiple instruments. With the release of KickStart 2.1, this software is now available for use with a broader range of Keithley instruments, and for the first time can be used with Tektronix mid-range oscilloscopes. Included with the base KickStart …
Power Supply 8 Power Line Compliance Testing Friday, July 5, 2019
Your first prototype should be up and running. Now, it’s time to check your design to ensure that it complies with local power line standards. Before we begin, it’s important to note that most AC-DC power supplies are designed to operate from an AC wall socket. Therefore, they are subject to rigorous power consumption and power quality standards, such as IEC 62301 standby power and IEC 61000-3-2 …


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