Power Semiconductor Device Testing

From the early stages of design to the point when it’s ready for market, a new power device undergoes a gamut of test and characterization activities, and you face many steps in bringing that device to market, including:

  • Designing new devices to meet evolving needs
  • Characterizing full performance of new designs
  • Preparing the device for production
  • Meeting reliability standards for commercial use
  • Implementing the device in actual designs
  • Evaluating existing devices and designs for new application requirements

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IsoVu Technology White Paper

Learn how IsoVuTM Isolated Measurement Systems use a unique form of optical isolatoin to deliver bandwidth up to 1 GHz, extraordinary common mode rejection ratio of 120 dB at 100 MHz, and now differential voltage range up to 1000 V.

Measuring Vgs on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

This application note focuses on accurate high-side VGS measurements on ungrounded FETs using the IsoVu measurement system. 

Creating Multi-SMU Systems with High Power System SourceMeter Instruments Application Note
Achieving Fast Pulse Measurements for Today's High Power Devices - Application Brief
Testing to 100A by Combining Keithley Model 2651A High Power SourceMeter Instruments (Application Note)
Testing to 100A by Combining Keithley Model 2651A High Power SourceMeter Instruments (Application Brief)

Watch the video to see how a Keithley source measure unit (SMU) instrument…


There’s much more to choosing a DMM than just its number of digits. With…

Simplify Component Selection with Robust DC Characterization

Watch this webinar to get tips for measuring 2- and 3-terminal semiconductor devices and for using source measure unit instruments during the design process.


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