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What is the Option 05 in the RSA2200A series?

Question :

What is the Option 05 in the RSA2200A series?

Answer :


1.   The RF input first upconverts signals from 10 MHz to 3 GHz, then downconverts them to an IF that then goes to the A/D converter.  The maximum real time bandwidth is 10 MHz. 

2.   Option 05 adds pre-amplification and additional interface connections to the RF input connector, and to the A/D converter (this is Baseband mode).  In Baseband mode, the A/D converter has enough sampling rate to cover 20 MHz. 

3.   Having some band overlap is nice, especially since you can not cross bands.  The two bands are selected by mechanical switches, which is why you can not cross bands.  You are either in RF (10 MHz to 3 GHz) or you are in Baseband, [near] DC to 20 MHz.

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