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What is the CD-ROM software used for?

Question :

What is the CD-ROM software used for?

Answer :

The software packages provided on the CD-ROM perform a variety of functions. The TG700 must be connected to a network or using a crossover Ethernet cable to a PC. Then you can use the following programs.

  • TG700Backup saves the configuration of the TG700 to the PC
  • TG700Restore copies the configuration stored on the PC to the TG700
  • TG700Duplicate copies a configuration of the TG700 to another TG700
  • Remote control software allows the functions of the TG700 to be controlled by a user over the network
  • TG700Comm allows download of signal files, logos and frame patterns to the TG700
  • LogoGen creates Logo files from bit-mapped pictures (*.BMP)
  • FrameGen creates frame-based pictures from bit-mapped pictures (*.BMP)

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Product Series: Sync Pulse Generator


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