Measure four wire resistor on 3730 matrix card in 3706A.


How to measure four wire resistor on the Model 3706A with a 3730 matrix card.


1. Connect resistor to row1 and row 2.
2. Row1 HI and Row2 HI to one side of resistor.
3. Row1 LO and Row2 LO to other side of resistor.
4.Close backplane channels 1911 and 1912. Press CONFIG, let go, press CHAN. Select BACKPLANE, press ENTER.Select ADD, press ENTER. Select 1911, press ENTER. Select 1912, press ENTER.
Do not need to close row or columns for this measurement.
5.Select DMM Function of Four Wire Ohms.
6. Press TRIG to trigger a reading.

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Product: 3706A

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