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I can ping my oscilloscope+ but TekVISA cannot find the instrument. Any ideas?

Question :

I can ping my oscilloscope+ but TekVISA cannot find the instrument. Any ideas?

Answer :

  1. The VXI-11 Server on your instrument might not be enabled.  For Windows based Oscilloscopes, (Minimize the scope application if necessary). Locate the blue and gray icon in Windows Desktop taskbar (lower right-hand corner).  If the icon has a red circle with a slash through it, then right click on the Icon, and select Start VXI-11 Server.   NOTE. To start VXI-11 Server automatically next time the scope is powered on then select Server Properties, and Check Start server automatically at system power up.  Run TekVISA OpenChoice Instrument Manager Update, and the scope should appear in the Instruments list.
  2. The VXI-11 Server may become unstable or stop functioning properly.  VXI-11 Server / TekVISA version compatibility can cause this problem.  You will have to upgrade scope firmware, and TekVISA to newer versions, and repeat the instructions above.
  3. Software Firewalls will block TekVISA TCP /IP data transfers preventing OpenChoice Instrument Manager from finding the scope resource.  Verify that Windows PC firewalls are turned off, and LAN access is not blocked.    

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Product Series: tds5000 tds5000 tds5000


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