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Your Calibration Choices

Accredited Calibration, the most comprehensive level of service, meets ISO 17025 requirements. Accredited calibration supports statistical process control methods. Some industries and end-users mandate fully accredited calibration as a contractual requirement.

Traceable Calibration brings the instrument within factory specifications and is sufficient for many applications. The calibration includes customer notification in the event of a measurement issue, as well as:

Functional Verification. Functional verification is a level of calibration and is designed to cover non-measurement instruments that neither acquire nor source signals to be measured. A functional verification includes:

Go to Metrology References and Resources for more metrology links, listings, and a glossary of terms.

Go to Calibration Plans to learn more about specific Tektronix calibration offerings.

Calibration Certificates

Both Accredited Calibrations and Traceable Calibrations include a Calibration Certificate that accompanies the instrument when it is returned to its owner.

The calibration certificate documents essential information about the instrument's condition, and also provides details about out-of-tolerance conditions, special measurement conditions, and more. Each certificate includes a serial number that associates one calibration with one instrument. This document may be required by the end-users of products tested with the instrument, especially in the case of government contracts.

Calibration certificate formats will vary by geographical location and local government regulations. Most Tektronix certificates will include the following information: