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Initial State - IoT Dashboard for Data Streaming and Visualization

Stream data from your devices and services to beautiful interactive cloud-based data visualizations. Designed for monitoring, test, and data streaming applications, Initial State provides a scalable IoT streaming backbone with world-class anywhere-accessible data visualizations. Create real-time IoT dashboards using streaming data from any connected IoT device, PC, or via codeless integrations with instrumentation like the Keithley Datalogger/DAQ 6510.

Free 14-Day Trial with individual accounts starting at $8.33 a month.

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Create Real-Time Interactive IoT Dashboards

Dashboards are customizable, easily configured, and highly interactive. Use predetermined templates or layout your own with simple drag-and-drop.

  • Dashboards update in real time. No refresh required
  • Zoom, pan, inspect, add cursors, take measurements - all buttery-smooth
  • Expressions lets you transform and filter data in real time using inline math
  • Run and display built-in statistics on your data
  • Create overlay data comparisons between time frames

Stream and Log Data from Anywhere

Stream data from any connected device including PCs, embedded systems, instrumentation, and industrial controllers. In addition, you can stream from a marketplace of available integrations. Data from many sources can be aggregated into one or multiple dashboards. 

  • Codeless integrations with existing data sets, services, and instrumentation like the Keithley DAQ 6510/6500 Dataloggers
  • Simple REST API to send data from any connected device
  • Hardware (like RaspberryPi, Arduino) examples and support packages
  • SDK and libraries for LabVIEW, Python, C/C++, .NET, Javascript, TSP-Net, and more
  • All data is logged safely and securely for future access or download

Trigger and alert automatically

Set triggers and configure alerts based on your incoming data. Send alerts via SMS/Text and email.

  • Triggers contain simple logic that watches for thresholds and events
  • Triggers can also be set to watchdog alert when no data has been received in a specified time
  • SMS and email alerts are easily templated and customized. They can include a link directly to the offending data dashboard

"I run a conservation company solving dampness problems in historic buildings by characterizing complex electro-chemical phenomena. After choosing the Keithley DAQ6510 Datalogging System to acquire long-running high-accuracy measurements of temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage and current, I discovered Initial State. By combining these products, I can now stream my live research data securely into the cloud and analyze it anywhere."

- Val Juhasz, Director, Engineer, Core Conservation, Ltd.

Share and embed data

Embed data into any website with one line of code. Download and store the data for yourself or share it securely with your colleagues or partners.

  • Securely share data sets and dashboards with other users
  • Publicly share data and dashboards to anyone with the link
  • Embed dashboards into your own systems and sites

Characterization and Environmental Testing

Some tests can last hours, days, weeks or longer combining many channels. This can produce an enormous amount of Data.  Quickly converting this data to usable information saves times and improves the speed of decision making.

  • Aggregate data from many sources. 
  • Create templated dashboards for standard repeated data acquisitions. 
  • Log and organize data for long-term storage.
  • Compare and overlay data from previous runs. 

Production Test Monitoring

Aggregate data from production test systems into simple anywhere-accessible dashboards. 

  • Monitor production test systems from anywhere increasing lab efficiency and technician flexibility.
  • Respond quickly by receiving triggers and alerts when something goes wrong or when predefined conditions are met.
  • Track yields, rates, test points, and other important statistics all in real time for decision making and reporting.

Highly-Accelerated Stress and Lifetime testing

Long-running test like HALT (Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing) or HASS (Highly-Accelerated Stress Screening) are perfect candidates for IoT-style streaming.

  • Monitor tests remotely.
  • Get alerted updates when failures occur.
  • Create and share interactive reports.

System monitoring (Industrial IoT) Industry 4.0

Embedded systems, manufacturing processes, power distribution, and other industrial systems are increasingly interconnected networks of sensors. Create dashboards from multiple IoT sensors in highly distributed environments for remote monitoring, inspection, troubleshooting, alerts, and historical analysis. 


The Initial State streaming REST API gives you the ability to stream time series data from an unlimited # of devices/applications into your account, organized the way you want. With your private streaming access key and a simple HTTPS POST, your project can create a beautiful, secure, real-time updating dashboard.

Get started streaming with simple URL parameters or go straight to the API documentation to learn how to stream events via JSON.

Libraries, SDK, and Examples

Python Open-Source Python Data Streamer SDK maintained by Initial State
LabVIEW Open-Source LabVIEW Streaming SDK maintained by Initial State 
VB.NET VB.Net Library and Sample Code written and maintained by David Hary
C/C++ A C library for using Initial State in C/C++ projects 
NodeJS Open-source NodeJS Streamer SDK maintained by Initial State
More… Ruby on Rails, Java, Arduino Sketch, Electric Imp (Squirrel), PubNub, Node-Red, Google Sheets

Codeless Integrations

Keithley 6510/6500 Configure Keithley DAQ6510 or DMM6500 to send data directly to Initial State
Samsung SmartThings Connect your hub to automatically send device/sensor data directly to your Initial State account. 
Data Integration Marketplace Automatically send data from a growing number of source without code. These sources include Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Weather, Twitch, and even data from your Tesla.