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    Video Quality Monitors
    Sentry Verify™ monitors and validates MPEG Transport Stream quality at hub sites as an integral part of the source-to-edge monitoring solution.
    Video Quality Monitors
    Monitor your entire network with rich graphs and an easy-to-use web-based interface.
    Video Quality Monitors
    Sentry® is a comprehensive video and audio quality monitoring solution for advanced video networks. It enables video providers to deliver services with optimum quality while reducing operational expenditures.
    Video Quality Monitors
    Medius offers an advanced reporting package that is particularly helpful in capturing detailed QoE information that quickly highlights the top offending programs and/or locations. The reporting capabilities allow each user to generate customized repo
    Video Quality Monitors
    Video Quality Monitors
    Consul™ is typically located at a Network Operation Center (NOC) and provides an ideal solution for correlating and managing data from Medius units located throughout the network.
    Sentry Verify Video Quality Monitors Datasheet
  • Manuals Manual Type Part Number: ReleaseDate

    Application Manager v10.1

    Primary User 077300903

    System Monitor v10.1

    Primary User 077114303
    Sentry Series

    Video Quality Monitors Serial Numbers B020101 and Above Premium Chassis Declassification and Security Instructions

    Declassification 077133100
    Sentry Series

    Video Quality Monitors Installation and Safety Instructions

    User 071300707
    Sentry Series

    Video Quality Monitor v10.0 User Manual

    Primary User 077320202
    Sentry Series

    Video Quality Monitor v10.6

    Primary User 077320205
    Sentry Series

    Video Quality Monitors Serial Numbers B020101 and Above Installation and Safety Instructions

    Primary User 071352602
    Sentry Series

    Video Quality Monitor v9.6 User Manual

    Primary User 077320201
    Sentry Series

    Video Quality Monitor v10.3

    Primary User 077320204
    Sentry Series

    Video Quality Monitors Serial Numbers B020101 and Above Installation and Safety

    Primary User 071352604
    Sentry Series

    Video Quality Monitors Serial Numbers B020101 and Above Installation and Safety

    Primary User 071352605
    Sentry Series

    Video Quality Monitors Serial Numbers B020101 and Above Installation and Safety Instructions

    Primary User 071352603
  • Technical Documents Document Type ReleaseDate
    A Guide to 4K/UHD Monitoring & Measurement
    Handbook 26 Nov 2019
    A Guide to Ensuring Digital Video Service Quality
    This guide provides the necessary information to establish a high quality of service through your entire digital video delivery workflow, including content readiness, live network monitoring and network troubleshooting.
    Primer 26 Nov 2019
    The Storm Before the CALM: Quieting Loud Commercials in the Cable Environment
    The burden of complying with the CALM Act will fall most heavily on the shoulders of cable operators. Unlike TV broadcasters, cable operators will have to monitor the volume of commercials on a large number of channels. They will also have to show th
    Application Note 12 Nov 2019
    Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
    Monitoring and quality control of Adaptive Bitrate Streaming platforms is as important as the ABR systems themselves. This white paper explains how to deliver the highest possible quality video and audio programming over a robust and reliable service
    Whitepaper 27 Dec 2019
    Maintaining High Quality of Experience in an Adaptive Bitrate System
    Broadcast TV has set a very high bar for viewer expectations and delivering a great quality of experience (QoE). As the trend and demand for multiscreen viewing and TV Everywhere or Over-The-Top (OTT) continues to grow, so does the demand for a high
    Whitepaper 26 Dec 2019
    Delivering Digital Video Services: Ensuring Quality and Compliance
    This briefs explains the difference between QoS and QoE and the monitoring requirements needed to achieve the best picture and sound quality for subscribers. In addition, the monitoring requirements for compliance issues such as closed captioning, au
    Technical Brief 26 Nov 2019
    10 things you need to know about monitoring Video & Audio Quality of Experience
    Are you familiar with monitoring your network Quality of Service (QoS), but not quite sure about the benefits of monitoring your network’s Quality of Experience (QoE)? Are you considering deploying a QoE monitoring system, but not sure about the key
    Fact Sheet 26 Nov 2019
    Video and Audio Quality Assurance For Next-generation Video Networks
    In the context of video and audio programming, Quality of Experience (QoE) is assuring that operators deliver pictures and sound that will keep their viewers happy. For many years, operators have focused on monitoring the Quality of Service (QoS) of
    Whitepaper 12 Nov 2019
    Closed Caption Monitoring & Analysis
    Let Tektronix guide you through the ABC’s of closed caption monitoring and analysis. We’ll provide a background on the FCC rules and the requirements for establishing best practices. In addition, we will provide some troubleshooting tips and real wor
    Reference Guide 27 Dec 2019
  • For Video Service Providers, measuring what subscribers are seeing and hearing is most accurately viewed at the output of the Set Top Box. Until now, monitoring analog outputs has been “just good ...
    A review of current industry trends for both physical and virtualized ABR/OTT networks and the importance of having a common unified workflow in quality assurance.
    Duration: 59m 9s