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EMCVu Software and Accessories

EMCVu is a new software option that is an all-in-one pre-compliance and debug solution for all real-time spectrum analyzers. Engineers now have a fast, easy, accurate and affordable way to determine if your new product designs are ready to submit to the test house. 

Key features include:

Downloading the software

To get EMCVu, your first step is to make sure you have the latest version of SignalVu-PC software - V3.13. If you already have the latest version of SignalVu-PC, please continue on. If you would like to learn more about SignalVu-PC, can visit the product page here. To immeditely download the latest version of SignalVu-PC, please see the first software downoad link below.

Once you have the latest version of SignalVu-PC, you'll need to get a licensing key to unlock EMCVu. You can either download a free trial licensing, OR you can purchase the software licensing through the "request a quote" links in the below table.


EMCVu: Pre-compliance testing and troubleshooting

  • Automated and easy to use Set-Up Wizard
  • Push button support for FCC, MIL-STD, DEF-STAN and CISPR regulations
  • Automated multiple measurement/multiple format reporting
  • Ambient noise calibration and comparison
  • Harmonic markers and faster scans using peak detector and spot measurements with quasi-peak and average detector failures 

Step 1: Ensure you have the latest version of SignalVu-PC here.


If you want to try EMCVu-PC before you buy:

Step 2: Download your free 30-day trial here


If you are ready to buy EMCVu:

Step 2: Request a quote for either a node-locked license or floating license by clicking on either link below

Floating license: Request a quote

Node-locked license: Request a quote