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You've seen the bumper stickers: "I'd rather be skiing, climbing, sleeping, dancing, fishing, gardening..."

Chances are you won't see: "I'd rather be testing!"

Despite the complexities and challenges of designing to compliance standards, engineering continues to be one of the most in-demand jobs, according to a new report by World Economic Forum.

Encouragingly, Engineers Journal reports that electrical engineers are the most satisfied among all engineering professionals, ranking 14th out of 274 professions. The research suggests that "the happiest workers are vicars and priests, but electrical engineers are pretty jolly, too."

Further research indicates that eighty-five percent of engineers are Somewhat Satisfied or Very Satisfied with their jobs. But beyond comfortable pay, work/life balance, mentoring, and job security - what do engineers find most professionally satisfying?

One possibility is that it has something to do with the simple things in life. Let me explain.

Search for Simplicity

For most of us, satisfaction comes more from seeing projects flow from design to completion, solving problems, feeling empowered, having ownership, sharing your knowledge and expertise, being part of a team, mastering technology and being motivated with new ideas.

Beyond the platitudes, there's a lot to be said for the opportunity to focus on higher-value engineering and innovation while (hopefully) reducing the mundane, tedious, and repetitive.

As technology inexorably trends toward complexity, automation helps us both cope with the complexity and to minimize tedium. Sitting in front of a test station running dozens of compliance tests by hand is anything but an enviable task.

Simplified and automated tools are necessary to move forward. Giving engineers a helping hand, to simplify their daily and mundane tasks through reliable and efficient test set-up and execution, fast debug, more precise measurements and easier design characterization, they can spend more time doing what gives them job satisfaction: bringing world-changing technologies to market.

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At Tek we believe simplicity expands the capacity for innovation.

And as we pursue simplicity, let's add a new bumper sticker to the mix:

"I'd rather be Revolutioneering."