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Why isn’t my MTM400 showing any options installed?

Question :

Why isn’t my MTM400 showing any options installed?

Answer :

The MTM400 must have a valid option key on file to show any installed options or unlock optional capabilities. If the non-volatile memory of the MTM400 is ever reset then this option key will be lost. To check if the option key is entered correctly, connect to the MTM400 via any web browser and log into the unit. When you connect two, windows should open; one will be very small and have a title that matches the name of your unit. The other will be larger and should be labeled “Summary”. In the smaller window, click the “Device” button to bring up the device panel. From the device panel, click the “Info” button to view information about your instrument. Approximately half way down the list of information you should see a line labeled “Installed Options” and below that a line labeled “License Key”. If the option key field is blank then your instrument does not have a proper option key programmed. The correct option key for your instrument should be written on a sticker on the top of the instrument, alternatively it would have been given to you at the time of purchase. To re-upload your license, click the “Upload License” button from the device panel, enter the option keycode and press the “Upload” button. This option key should now appear in the info display along with the unlocked options list.

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