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What is this safety issue concerning the AFG3000 Series?

Question :

What is this safety issue concerning the AFG3000 Series?

Answer :

Tektronix has issued a safety notification for the AFG3000 Series Arbitrary/Function Generators. See the safety notification for further information.

Tektronix has determined that certain improper use of the AFG3000 Series instruments may potentially expose the user to hazardous voltages, posing the risk of serious personal injury or loss of life. The risk exists only if you use the chassis grounding post on the rear panel of the generator, and the grounding provided through the three-prong power cord is unreliable or missing. Under these conditions, inserting a wire or other metal object through the hole in the rear panel chassis grounding post, or using a screw longer than the specified length of 6.35 mm (0.25 in), can elevate the chassis of the generator to the line voltage potential. This includes exposed metal surfaces of connectors that are connected directly to the chassis.

You can check whether your instrument is affected with the AFG3000 Serial Number Tracking Tool on the following Web site: /node/63241

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