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What is the password to connect to a WVR 6100+ 7000 or 7100?

Question :

What is the password to connect to a WVR 6100+ 7000 or 7100?

Answer :

The WVR6100, 7000 and 7100 series instruments do not have a default web connection password however it is possible that someone has set one on the unit you are working with.

To view or edit the web remote user password for your WVR6100, 7000 or 7100, press the "Config" button, then scroll down to "Network Settings", press the right arrow key to enter this menu, then scroll down to "Web Password". From here, you can press enter to edit the password or simply see what the password is from the config menu.

If the password appears to be blank but you are still being asked to enter a password when you connect remotely to your instrument then it may be because your WVR unit is configured with a non-printable password. In older versions of firmware, the password field permitted the use of any ASCII character which includes several which are non-printable and will therefore appear blank in the password field. In addition to these apparently blank symbols is a true blank symbol which the whole password field must be set to in order to disable the password. The "true" blank symbol is located immediately below the exclamation mark symbol ("!"). To verify that your password is truly blank, try cycling through each letter of the password and hitting the up arrow until you see the exclamation mark ("!"), then press the down arrow EXACTLY one time to select the true blank symbol. Repeat this step for each character in the password field and then scroll to the "Accept" button and press enter to save your changes. This problem has been fixed in the WVR6020, 7020 and 7120 series instruments which do not permit the use of blank characters in the password field and also offer a password reset feature which allows you to clear the entire password with a single menu selection.

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