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What are the key differences between the VM700A and the VM700T?

Question :

What are the key differences between the VM700A and the VM700T?

Answer :

The key differences between the VM700T and its immediate predecessor, the VM700A, are as follows.

  1. A new more powerful CPU core
    Benefit: provides up to a 3 times increase in application speed allowing for a more "real-time" look and feel of the graphics displays and user interface controls.

    The older VM700A runs video measurement applications a little slower.

  2. The addition of a new Centronics compatible parallel printer port
    Benefit: allows printing to more common and less expensive parallel printers as opposed to serial printers of the VM700A era

    The older VM700A used the serial ports for driving printers. New printers with serial interfaces are getting hard to find, but parallel to serial adapters are available from a few suppliers.

    Note - VMTWIN software works with the VM700A as well as the current VM700T.

  3. The new parallel printer port doubles as a firmware upload port
    Benefit: eliminates the cumbersome EEPROM board exchange process of the VM700A era

    The VM700A required a board exchange to upgrade firmware.

    This process is no longer available for the VM700A EEPROM board and selected other VM700A board assemblies. The VM700A is now beyond of its long term product support period.

  4. A rear mounted VGA drive port
    Benefit: allows a direct connection to an external VGA monitor for added viewing capability

    An extra connection for a remote display is not available in the VM700A

  5. A new software based firmware option enabling utility
    Benefit: Fast and easy field upgrades enabled through the VM700T touch panel interface

    The VM700A required a board exchange process to add new options. (See Note for #3.)

  6. The VM700T maintains compatibility with VM700A remote control code
    Benefit: allows the VM700T to easily integrate into a test environment designed for the VM700A without rewrite of the existing remote control code

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