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KickStart Licensing FAQs

Question :

KickStart Licensing FAQs

Answer :

1. I see that KICKSTARTFL-BASE is going away. Will the existing KICKSTARTFL-BASE license still work in KickStart version 2.4.0?

a. Yes.

b. However, by October 2021, existing KICKSTARTFL-BASE users will need to purchase KICKSTARTFL-SUITE-UP to use their Base licenses with KickStart software versions released after that date.

2. What is a maintenance license? Why do I need it?

a. Tektronix/Keithley is moving to a business model where free software updates are no longer available. Users will need to purchase maintenance licenses to utilize KickStart software updates.

b. Only required by perpetual license owners. First year of maintenance is included in the price of a perpetual license.

c. Time-based licenses (KICKSTARTFL-HRMA2-AN and KICKSTARTFL-SUITE-AN) include maintenance and so maintenance licenses are not required by owners of time-based licenses.

d. To continue to use software updates, perpetual license owners will need to purchase a maintenance license each year.

e. In Tek AMS, perpetual license owners will now see that licenses have a maintenance or support expiration date. Any KickStart software updates that occur after this date will not recognize their license as valid.

3. When will I need to purchase a maintenance license?

a. For KICKSTARTFL-BASE, Keithley will allow customers to use KickStart software versions released over the next 12 months at no additional charge. After October 2021, existing KICKSTARTFL-BASE license owners will need to purchase KICKSTARTFL-SUITE-UP to utilize future KickStart software releases.

b. For KICKSTARTFL-HRMA customers, to use KickStart version 2.4 and later, the user must purchase KICKSTARTFL-HRMA2-UP.

4. What if I don’t purchase a maintenance license? Can I still use KickStart?

a. For KICKSTARTFL-BASE customers . . . yes. However, users will not be able to use KickStart software versions released after October 2021.

b. For KICKSTARTFL-HRMA customers . . . Users will be stuck using KickStart 1.9.8. They will not be able to use KickStart v. 2.4 or later.

5. What is a time-based license? Should I purchase a time-based license or a perpetual license?

a. Time-Based license: Can use KickStart and update KickStart for the next 12 months. After that date, the license is no longer valid, and a customer cannot run tests in KickStart.

b. Perpetual license: A customer has perpetual use of KickStart. Includes free updates for the first 12 months. After that date, a customer can continue to run tests in KickStart, but cannot update to newer versions of KickStart without purchasing a maintenance license.

c. Whether the customer purchases time-based or perpetual license depends on their project need and budget. Consider that the annual subscription will be required with either option to ensure that the customer can always use the most up-to-date version of KickStart.

6. How did KickStart trial licensing change with KickStart version 2.4.0?

a. The trial is now done on an app basis and the trial is manually initiated by the user.

i. Previously, a trial license was automatically launched at the time of installing KickStart even if the customer did not launch the application.
ii. With KickStart v.2.4, a customer can launch a trial for any app on demand. For example, this allows him just to try out the DMM App for 60 days. If after that time the trial expires and he wants to try out another app, he has the option to do so. The customer can launch one trial on any of the supported apps in KickStart. This means that they can launch trials on 2 or 3 or 4 different apps at once should he desire to. A user has only one 60-day trial per app.

7. What licensing status information is available in KickStart?

a. New locked and unlocked icons on the App Panel. Hovering over an icon brings up pertinent information.
Red unlocked – Valid license is available and in use, but time is approaching for you to check out a new license or trial is expiring soon. In other words, you can use the product now, but time is approaching for you to take some action on licensing.

  • Red locked – License is expired, no trial available.
  • Green locked – Trial license available for use. Trial hasn’t been started yet.
  • Green unlocked – Trial license in use or Valid license installed.

b. Quick and easy access to the License Manager using the Key icon in top right corner of the main display. Launching License Manager now includes “Maintenance” information and tells a user when his support expires. Red text means that action is soon required.


8. I previously received a free promotional license KSPROMONL-BASE. Can I utilize KickStart v.2.4.0 and future releases?

a. You can utilize KickStart v2.4.0. However, a user will not be able to use versions of KickStart released after October 2021. He will need to purchase KICKSTARTFL-SUITE or KICKSTARTFL-SUITE-AN after that date. The KSPROMONL-BASE will no longer work after October 2021.

9. What is new with licensing in 2.5.0?

a. Customers can purchase individual app licenses in 2.5.0.

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