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How do I upgrade the firmware on a WFM700?

Question :

How do I upgrade the firmware on a WFM700?

Answer :

To upgrade the firmware on a WFM700, first download the latest version off the Tektronix website by searching for “WFM700” on the software and drivers search site or click here.

Once you have downloaded the latest version of the firmware, unzip it to a convenient location on a computer that is connected to the WFM700 via a network or crossover cable. After you have unzipped this archive, run the “transfer.exe” program, enter the path to the firmware update file by clicking the browse button and selecting the .fmw file that was included in the archive you downloaded and enter the IP address to the WFM700.

Turn on your WFM700 and press the “CONFIG” button, then select the “System” tab from the configuration menu. From within the “System” tab, select “Install Upgrade”, then press “Start Firmware Installation”, then finally press “Continue”. This will set the WFM700 up to listen for a signal from the attached PC.

Once this is done, simply press the “Upgrade” button in the transfer.exe program and wait while the firmware is updated (this might take a few minutes). Warning: Do not disconnect the computer from the WFM700 or unplug the power to either instrument during the upgrade process as this may leave the instrument in an irrecoverable state.

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