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How do I change my TLA7016 from DHCP to a static IP address?

Question :

How do I change my TLA7016 from DHCP to a static IP address?

Answer :

If you are currently connected to the TLA7016 you can change it by opening the TLA Connection dialog (the first screen when you select the TLA Application icon). Next highlight the TLA7016 on the screen and click the "TLA Configuration" button at the top. Next select the mainframe in the system you wish to change and click the "Network Properties" button. From here you can change things like the hostname, IP address, subnet, and the gateway or set it to DHCP.

If you are not connected to the TLA7016, start with the power off and attach the network cable to the TLA7016 and the network or other computer you wish to connect it to. Next power on the TLA7016 and wait until the display shows "IP Read Error" or any valid IP address (this can be found by pressing the "next" button to the right of the display four times). Now you can change the IP address by pressing and holding the reset button (this can be found just below the RJ-45 network jack) it then will rotate between several addresses:
Factory Default (DHCP)

Release the reset button when the display shows the desired address. Don't forget to power cycle the TLA7016 before you connect to it and check that the PC has a valid IP address on the same subnet as the TLA. Also you will need to click on the "binoculars" icon in the TLA Connection Dialog to have the application re-detect the TLA in its new location.

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