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Can front panel settings be stored as "Presets" for future re-call?

Question :

Can front panel settings be stored as "Presets" for future re-call?

Answer :

VM700T and VM700A instruments have a unique ability to save front panel configurations as "Presets". The number of presets that can be created is virtually hundreds - depending on the size of NVRAM installed.

The methodology takes advantage of a feature within the instrument known as a "Function". This feature allows quick and easy custom front panel configurations to be built by the user. Once built, these functions can be launched by the user with as little as one front panel button press, and one touch of an icon from a selection menu.

Functions can also be executed from Remote Control (RS-232 or GPIB) programs by use of the "playback" command.

The step by step process for creating a new function is as follows...

  1. Choose your measurement application from the menus available in the VM700A "Turbo" or VM700T.
  2. When the application has launched, and is operating properly, make desired custom set-ups using the available front panel controls and softkey options. For example, select the appropriate line number, choose whether or not Average is engaged, expand the amplitude or time scales, etc.
  3. Once the measurement application is set up exactly as you would like it to be when you enter from the function or preset that you are going to create, proceed to step 4.
  4. Press the Configure button. The first Configuration menu will appear.
  5. Touch the "Function Keys" softkey. A new menu will appear showing the contents of the Function Key directory, along with a new selection of softkeys.
  6. Touch the "Create Function" softkey. A new menu will appear, resembling a typewriter keyboard.
  7. Using the softkey keyboard, enter a name for the Function that you are creating. Use a name that is simple to remember, and appropriate for the task. Please note that spaces are not allowed between the text and number characters. If a space is desired, use an underscore ( _ ).
  8. Once the name entry is ready, touch the "Done" softkey, lower right portion of the screen. A new screen appears, with 5 softkeys.
  9. Press the Configure button. The VM700 screen will return to the measurement position that it was in before you started step 4. And, the Configure button LED will be blinking.
  10. Wait 1-2 seconds. Then, press the Configure button once again. The screen will return to the menu with only 5 softkeys, and the Configure button LED will stop blinking.
  11. Touch the "End" softkey. The screen will return to the Function directory. Your new function will now show as a new item in the directory structure.
  12. Touch the Waveform or Measure button to fully exit the Function creation process.

If all of the steps have been successfully executed, you should now be able to go to this new configuration by simply pressing the Function button on the right front panel and selecting the desired function from the list by touching the appropriate softkey.

Functions are stored in Non-Volatile memory. They will be preserved during power down periods - ready for re-call the next time the VM700A "Turbo" or VM700T is powered up and placed into service.

Additional detailed information for use of the Function capability of the VM700A "Turbo" or VM700T is contained in the Option 01 & 11 User Manual.

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