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The L3Harris Calibration Journey

From Daily Delays to Streamlined Service: The L3Harris Calibration Journey

L3Harris, a global leader formed through the 2019 merger of L3 Technologies and Harris Corporation, stands tall as a trailblazer in the weighty areas of defense, communications, and aerospace solutions. At the company’s Plano and Richardson Texas sites, L3Harris engineers harness their deep expertise into the research, development and manufacturing of radar-based sensors and systems that power precision-guided weapons, electronic warfare systems and cutting-edge unmanned applications. In this vital and ever-advancing domain, where every decision can tip the scales of safety and success, the importance of precise and reliable calibration services cannot be overstated. It is through the meticulous calibration of the company’s diverse range of radio frequency (RF) equipment, torque and mechanical instruments – including those from Tektronix and Keithley – that L3Harris ensures the optimal performance, compliance and safety of its devices.

L3 Harris headquarters


Fighting for calibration efficiency

Calibration Coordinator Joshua Appiah oversaw the calibration and repair operations for the extensive array of devices housed across the 17 labs in L3Harris' Plano and Richardson Texas locations. Throughout the years, Appiah encountered numerous obstacles in effectively managing these critical processes: “We had ongoing issues with equipment being sent to third-party vendors that would result in significant delays,” said Appiah. “Quotes from these companies would promise a two-week turnaround, but the reality would be a frustrating four to five weeks with no communication about when our tools might be returned.” This predicament led to distrust and hesitancy among the L3Harris custodians, who began to delay the shipment of their tools for calibration out of frustration. As a result, a wave of equipment ended up out of calibration and needing repair simultaneously. Aware that Tektronix, a global leader in test and measurement equipment, was listed as a preferred vendor within the larger L3Harris organization, Appiah sought a local solution.

Finding a trusted calibration partner

Soon enough, Appiah was meeting with Tektronix team members and touring the company’s local calibration lab. Appiah conveyed the calibration challenges he was facing, and the Tektronix team was quick to assure Appiah of the company’s commitment to adhere to calibration schedules whenever possible and to promptly communicate any setbacks. They worked closely with L3Harris in several trial runs over the next month, building trust and familiarity with both Appiah and his development engineers. After that, a three-year contract was established, marking the beginning of an invaluable partnership.

Clear communication quickly became the cornerstone of the collaboration, which included monthly offsite calibration services for designated mobile tools, onsite calibration for large or sensitive instruments, and management of emergency out of tolerance calibration and instrument repair. From day one, Tektronix provided L3Harris with regular updates, including detailed emails and reports, ensuring that everyone involved was aware of the equipment's whereabouts and its progress in the calibration journey. This transparency served to foster better understanding and collaboration between Appiah and his L3Harris development engineers.

"When we give Tektronix something for calibration, we almost always get it back ahead of the proposed delivery date,” said Appiah. “When they can’t deliver, they communicate it clearly and directly without radio silence or wishy-washy communication. That has gone a long way in developing trust throughout the team and it’s a testament to Tektronix's overall dedication to exceptional service.”

Looking ahead, Appiah envisions an even more extensive partnership, with the company extending their contract and adopting CalWeb, the Tektronix calibration management application, for even more streamlined processes. "It has been impressive to witness Tektronix streamline our calibration and enhance efficiency," said Appiah. "Someday I hope to see Tektronix managing calibration services across our entire company."


In a highly sensitive industry where accuracy, transparency and reliability are paramount, L3Harris has found an invaluable partner in Tektronix. With their fast, high-quality work, clear communication style, and dedication to exceeding expectations, Tektronix has propelled L3Harris towards calibration excellence. Together, they continue to push boundaries and empower future innovation. Visit our calibration services page to learn more about how the Tektronix Service Solutions Organization can do the same for your company.