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Protecting The Environment - Tektronix Recycle Program

Welcome to the Tektronix recycle program. The Tektronix recycle program provides Tektronix customers an environmentally responsible solution for the return and recycling of your Tektronix technology assets that is compliant with current and forthcoming regional regulations. The Tektronix Recycle Program is easy to use and has been structured to make the treatment, recovery, recycling, and environmentally sound disposal of Tektronix product as easy and cost-effective as possible relieving you of the responsibility with the cost of managing and storing excess, outdated, or used equipment when you can take advantage of the Tektronix Recycle Program. Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Identify the equipment that you want to return to Tektronix
  2. De-install and pack your equipment
  3. Contact Tektronix to arrange for pickup

Upon completion of the recycling process, Tektronix can provide a Certificate of Destruction (COD) upon request releasing your business from any further liability for the equipment. Take the hassle out of managing your End-of-Useful-Life assets -- contact Tektronix today to initiate a Recycle request.