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  • Generic Precompensation Plug-in

    Generic Precompensation Plug-in

    Creates correction coefficients that can be applied on waveforms to get flat frequency and linear phase response.
  • ArbExpress


    Create complex waveforms that mimic real-world conditions with ArbExpress® waveform generator software.
  • Products

    Digital Pattern Generators

    Powerful general purpose tool for stimulating your designs. Flexible and expandable.
  • Signal Pulse Generators

    Signal Pulse Generators

    Pulse generators offer unparalleled fast risetime and amplitude combinations.
  • AWG5200 arbitrary waveform generator


    Meet the most demanding signal generation needs at an affordable price with the high-fidelity AWG5200 Arbitrary Waveform Generator. With multi-unit synchronization, you can scale up to 32 channels. The AWG5200 is ideal for advanced research, electronic test and radar, and electronic warfare system design and test. Output frequency: up to 4GHz Sample rate: 298 S/s - 5 GS/s Memory: 2 GS/channel Channels: Up to 8 Vertical resolution: 16 bits ·-70 dBc spurious free dynamic range
  • TSG4100A RF Signal Generator

    RF Signal Generator TSG4100A (Discontinued)

    The RF Signal Generator TSG4100A has been discontinued by Tektronix. For an unbeatable price/performance mid-range RF signal generator solution, add a TSG4100A Series RF Signal Generator to your bench.
  • AWG70000 arbitrary waveform generator

    AWG70000B Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    The AWG70000B Series Arbitrary Waveform Generator makes it easy to customize, generate, and sequence an infinite variety of high-precision signals for design, testing, and operation of complex components, systems, and experiments.  Output frequency: up to 20GHz Sample rate: 50 GS/s Memory: 2 GS/channel, 32 GS (Optional) Resolution: 10 bits -80 dBc spurious free dynamic range
  • PatternPro® PPG Series Multi-channel Pattern Generator

    PatternPro® PPG Series Multi-channel Pattern Generator

    High speed, multi-lane/multi-level pattern generation for advanced component characterization and debug.
  • SPG700 Multiformat Reference Sync Generator

    SPG700 Multiformat Reference Sync Generator

    Basic sync and timing reference generator for traditional analog and/or SDI-based infrastructure
  • Tektronix 3390 arbitrary waveform function generator

    3390 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

    The Model 3390 offers a complete signal generator solution for waveforms up to 50MHz.