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  • Keithley Kickstart Main Screen

    Keithley KickStart Software

    Start measuring in minutes without complex programming. Perform I-V characterization and more with this instrument control software for bench instruments and Tektronix oscilloscopes.
  • KickStart Licensing FAQs

    KickStart Licensing FAQs

    1. I see that KICKSTARTFL-BASE is going away. Will the existing KICKSTARTFL-BASE license still work in KickStart version 2.4.0? a. Yes. b. However, by October 2021, existing KICKSTARTFL-BASE users will need to purchase KICKSTARTFL-SUITE-UP to use …
  • Using the Scope App with KickStart
    Videos, Webinars and Demos

    Using the Scope App with KickStart

    Watch this video to learn how to capture waveforms, measurements, and screenshots from your Tektronix oscilloscope using the Scope App in KickStart.
  • KickStart High Resistivity Application
    Videos, Webinars and Demos

    KickStart High Resistivity Application

    Watch this demo video to learn how to use the KickStart Software High Resistivity Application with the 6517B Electrometer.
  • KickStart Quick Start Guide

    KickStart Quick Start Guide

    KickStart Instrument Control Software lets you start making measurements in minutes without complex instrument programming. KickStart allows you to do I-V characterization, data acquisition and …
  • KickStart Power Supply FAQs

    KickStart Power Supply FAQs

    What power supplies are supported in the power supply app? The app supports the Keithley 2280S-32-6 and 22380S-60-3 Precision Measurement DC Power Supplies and the 2281S-20-6 as a power supply only; the Series 222x and 223x DC power …
  • kickstart-01-datasheet

    KickStart Instrument Control Software Datasheet

    KickStart Software simplifies what you need to know about your instrument so that in just minutes you can take the instrument out of the box and get real data on your device.  KickStart Software enables quick test setup and data visualization when …
  • KickStart Quick Start Guide Japanese

    KickStart Quick Start Guide Japanese

  • KickStart Quick Start Guide Japanese

    KickStart Quick Start Guide Japanese

  • KickStart High Resistivity APP FAQs

    KickStart High Resistivity APP FAQs

    What enhancements to the High Resistivity App were made for KickStart version 2.4? Why should I upgrade my high resistivity app to the latest version? Fully supported software for updated versions of Windows KickStart 1.9.8 only allowed for …