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Diagnosing and Resolving Faults in an Operational IP Video Network


IP offers both opportunities and challenges to broadcasters in an environment where the worlds of Video Engineering and Network Engineering collide, it is essential that diagnostic monitoring and analysis tools are usable by both Video Engineers and Network Engineers.

It is necessary to monitor jitter performance over time to avoid buffer overflows and consequent packet loss. Time-Stamped Delay Factor is a useful measurement for assisting with network provisioning as well as quickly identifying excessive jitter conditions that will lead to buffer issues. If network issues do occur is it is both necessary to determine the impact in terms of video errors, but also the impact in terms of picture impairment.

PTP provides the necessary synchronization required to use IP in live production workflows and monitoring timing stability is important. Finally, the transition to IP will be gradual and “Hybrid” SDI/IP workflows and hence hybrid diagnostic monitoring and analysis tools as well as hybrid Sync Pulse Generators/Grandmasters will be needed for the foreseeable future.

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