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PowerProbe 6000 & PowerProbe 500 Test Probes

Measure the Human Perception of Service Quality with Versatile PowerProbes. Tektronix’ PowerProbe® 6000 and PowerProbe 500 active service quality test probes are designed for advanced triple-play Quality of Experience (QoE) testing over PSTN and next-generation IP, cellular and wireless broadband networks. With a broad range of interfaces supporting all standard signaling protocols, these PowerProbes provide unparalleled active test access. Based on a flexible Linux and DSP-powered processing core, the PowerProbe supports a growing library of over 40 application-focused software test agents to cover your evolving test needs. Remotely managed and highly secure, these PowerProbes enable scaleable end-to-end, bi-directional voice, VoIP, fax, video, and IP monitoring that faithfully measures over 330 user-perceived service quality metrics using an array of standards-based and patented algorithms.

Replaces CCW-20472-0 and CCW-20630-1